Sunday, November 9, 2008

Twinchies and Journal Pages.

WORDS (Nanowrimo words) fall by the wayside as I concentrate on housework, "twinchies" (2-inch squares) for SoulJournal and altering a book on the Greeks so it can become my latest journal.
Actually I have about 12,000 words for Nanowrimo, so I'm feeling good about that. Good about the word count, but not the story quality. : ( Right now, however, it's the word count that counts.
For those who would like the encouragement of working on journal pages with others - and thereby actually getting something done because of peer pressure - go to www.collagediva. com and join the Yahoo group. You'll soon be up to your elbows in glue, paint and glitter, I'll bet.
Our SoulJournal group is making 2-inch square collaged bits that will become what you see when you open up a "door" a day on an Advent calendar. I've never made one before. Someone in the group had the idea we put little sliding matchboxes behind the calendar so they could be opened and have a treat inside. The picture would be on the outside of the matchbox cover. This is a wonderful idea. A small piece of chocolate every night will help me prevail and not eat all of the cookies I plan to bake and freeze.
I like the journal page quote above, from what a wandering Greek sage (traditionally the great Athenian lawgiver, Solon) allegedly told Croesus, who was then said to be the richest man on earth. Wealth and power can disappear overnight - "and the sum of a man's good fortune can never be known until his days have ended."
Here is a photo of my two twinchies, which represent "the present" and "relationship." And here is a photo I took on Saturday, when it poured like there was no tomorrow. I guess this sunset was trying to make up for our drippy trees and torrential rainfall - femminismo
p.s. I was so glad to see Judy Wise posted something. I forgot she was going to Mexico and I got worried about her. It's not like her to go so long between posts. It looks like she had a wonderful time!


Candace said...

12K?! Wow. You go, girl!

I am so loving this journal page! The Poseidon statue on the left is one of my favorites and I really like this anecdote you've shared... very timely then, perhaps more so now.
I will check the link out. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Have a great week!

KathrynAntyr said...

Wow! You are cranking out the writing. Great job.

Thanks for the plug for our SJ group. You'll get the hang of the smaller size. Before you know it you'll start noticing small stuff everywhere that you can use for these mini works of art.

Thanks again for playing!

Joy Logan said...

HI another art journaler addict here!

rivergardenstudio said...

I can see how you love art, and that you have so much fun with it! Very inspiring... Roxanne

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Jeanne,
I've just been looking at your gorgeous work...STUNNING pieces-love the art journal. xxxx

morningDove said...

Your twinchies are great. Love the ticket hugging couple. Makes you wonder where they are headed.