Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Ten-Year Guaranteed Return Policy.

TODAY (red letter day) we held a mini-celebration at our house for our 10-year old granddaughter's birthday. It was really more of a chance for a visit with Cassie, her sister, Zoe, and their parents, and it was official recognition (by me and the Mister) of her birthday. She had already celebrated her November 19th birthday with her friends and her other set of grandparents.
There was no cake, but pizza, and a present that I mentioned earlier I was working on.
I made her a book, "The Pretty Pink Package," which contained a story about her arrival in her parents' lives. (She came via parcel post, thanks to Jerome Hoopnagel, the mailman.)
Yes, I know, you've probably heard babies arrive in some other way, but you've been seriously misled up to right now!
Anyway, Cassie came with a 10-year guaranteed return policy, which her parents were encouraged to keep in a safe place and not open for 10 years.
This was the gist of the story and I was quite nervous as Cassie read it aloud for all of us to hear. (She - and her parents - laughed in all the right places, so that made me feel good.) It was a long story to read aloud. Her father said she had read longer ones, but she said, "Those were in my head!"
She finally finished reading the story, which ended on a satisfactory note. And by a mysterious coincidence, the 10-year guaranteed return policy was in a box in my hallway closet! Talk about surprised! She was!!
Cassie opened the box and found two rolled-up pieces of paper: the policy and a certificate - suitable for framing - for her parents.
She was encouraged to tear up the 10-year policy, since it was obvious her parents would never try to return such an excellent 10 year old.
If you have a 10 year old with a birthday soon you might want one of these books. They can be personalized for a boy also. Parents' names and birth dates also personalized. Drop me a comment - femminismo


Brenda said...

That is fantastic. What a great idea, LOL. My daughter turns 10 this Saturday so a bit late for me :-(

femminismo said...

Well, Cassie turned 10 on Wednesday and didn't get her story until Sunday. She's a good sport about stretching her birthday!

Catherine said...

Oh, Jeannie! You are a wonder! This is the BEST idea ever. Have a very Merry Christmas! Love, from Cassie's OTHER Grandma!