Sunday, November 30, 2008

And the Winner is ... Yes, It's Me!

I'M one of the winners, anyway. My fourth year doing NaNoWriMo and finally some sanity can reign.
I am finished with my 50,000 words!! In a few weeks, after Christmas, maybe, I will look at them again and make some sense of things. Add more details. Flesh out the characters. Have more drama. Uncover a skeleton or two. Embellish and embroider.
This year has been a difficult one. I think I know what I have to do next year and on future projects to make this go more easily.
Let's just see if it works. Right now I'm going outside to rake leaves and do things other people have been doing for the last month while I've been inside in front of the computer. Adio'ski, amigos - femminismo

Friday, November 28, 2008

Guess What's Coming?

THAT'S right! Christmas! The signs are everywhere you look, down to the creamer flavors in the grocery store aisles. I'll bet there's even eggnog on the dairy shelves - I just haven't look hard enough yet.
Today was dessert day for my family at my brother and sister-in-law's home. The lovely child with antlers is my grand-niece, Cassidy. (She only grows antlers once a year! Gone by New Year's, too.)
Let's see: There was pumpkin pie, apple pie, pumpkin pecan sponge cake, sugar-free cookies, ice cream, candy - too many things to count. I think the Mister and I may have put on one or two pounds today by giving ourselves the all-American OK to eat turkey and the fixings and two days of desserts.
On another, more somber note, it's disheartening to hear about the violence in Mumbai, India. I had a penpal for a while, Madhu Narang, who had a business in Mumbai. I hope all is well with him and his family. I hope all is well with everyone reading these words.
Now I must get back to NaNoWriMo. I've only got two days after tonight's over and I'm only at 38,789 words with 11,211 to go and that's a lot! I will have to write over 5,000 words per day to be finished in time at midnight Nov. 30 - femminismo

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Gobble Day To You!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone out there looking and "reading in." We have had a most excellent turkey day here, with five grandchildren, a friend, one son, a daughter-in-law, a sister and brother-in-law stopping by.
Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, salad, homemade bread and pumpkin pie. A good wine to go with the turkey, too. Lovely, lovely day.
We ended the day with art - coloring with Crayola Pip Squeaks Mix 'Ems. (You can pump red color onto a yellow marker or blue onto a green marker, then you'll have a streaked line. You have to see them to know what I mean.) And my son has a cool game, where he makes random marks on a piece of paper and his daughters - and whoever else chooses to play - have to make something from the mark. These turned into some exceptional pictures. Fun!
Here, on the right, everyone is participating in one of my crazy requests. Thanks, Jenny, for rounding people up to do this. Here's a shot from overhead of everyone's hands - little hands, young hands, big hands, older hands. Some hands were not with us. They were far away from "home" today (home is where Mom is). Some are no longer with us, and we can never again link our fingers together as we once did. Our memories of them are forever bound, however, one to the other.
I hope your day was extra special wonderful - femminismo

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

T'was the Night Before Thanksgiving ...

AND all through the house, pies were being tested, and not by a mouse!
I don't know about your house, but around ours we must be sure and test the pumpkin pies way before the Thanksgiving diners arrive - just in case there's a bad one. (Not a bad diner; a bad pie.) Having a slice the night before gives our stomachs a chance to really, thoroughly determine if the pie is good enough to serve to others.
The turkey is resting in the refrigerator with onion, garlic and rosemary in its empty body cavity. (Yuck! Do we really want to eat this thing? Sometimes the thought of the actual food, pre-cooking, makes me a little ill.) Tomorrow, when it's roasted, I'm sure the smell will be heavenly. Yum! Can't wait for the stuffing and cranberry relish. And the mashed potatoes. And the sweet potatoes.
We are so lucky to have this much food and be together with loved ones tomorrow.
I hope you will find yourself in the same set of circumstances. Sweet dreams - femminismo
p.s. I forgot to mention that Susan, of Chicago Moms, used a photo I took of a chalk art square during the festival in September. It illustrated a piece she did on religion. The group she writes for is a very interesting, diverse set of "moms." Check them out for yourself.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Ten-Year Guaranteed Return Policy.

TODAY (red letter day) we held a mini-celebration at our house for our 10-year old granddaughter's birthday. It was really more of a chance for a visit with Cassie, her sister, Zoe, and their parents, and it was official recognition (by me and the Mister) of her birthday. She had already celebrated her November 19th birthday with her friends and her other set of grandparents.
There was no cake, but pizza, and a present that I mentioned earlier I was working on.
I made her a book, "The Pretty Pink Package," which contained a story about her arrival in her parents' lives. (She came via parcel post, thanks to Jerome Hoopnagel, the mailman.)
Yes, I know, you've probably heard babies arrive in some other way, but you've been seriously misled up to right now!
Anyway, Cassie came with a 10-year guaranteed return policy, which her parents were encouraged to keep in a safe place and not open for 10 years.
This was the gist of the story and I was quite nervous as Cassie read it aloud for all of us to hear. (She - and her parents - laughed in all the right places, so that made me feel good.) It was a long story to read aloud. Her father said she had read longer ones, but she said, "Those were in my head!"
She finally finished reading the story, which ended on a satisfactory note. And by a mysterious coincidence, the 10-year guaranteed return policy was in a box in my hallway closet! Talk about surprised! She was!!
Cassie opened the box and found two rolled-up pieces of paper: the policy and a certificate - suitable for framing - for her parents.
She was encouraged to tear up the 10-year policy, since it was obvious her parents would never try to return such an excellent 10 year old.
If you have a 10 year old with a birthday soon you might want one of these books. They can be personalized for a boy also. Parents' names and birth dates also personalized. Drop me a comment - femminismo

Friday, November 21, 2008

Click On My Magical "Wordle."

Incredibly, Time Is Passing.

YES. Isn't it just weird, but time's flying through November. Just like it flew through October.
Thank goodness we only have to shop for food for Thanksgiving, and not presents for everyone too. That's (almost) what I like best about this holiday. Besides the pumpkin pie, anyway.
And I'm still at just over 25,000 words for NaNoWriMo. I shouldn't be blogging, I know. I should be churning out the words that are waiting for me to release them. And they are there, I know. Ah, well. We shall see.
Here you see a journal page, and I am most embarrassed that I don't know the name of the lovely lady in the picture. I printed it out because I wanted to draw her. This was a fairly quick sketch and, as usual, not in a "realistic" style, but in "my style." She's all "stamped on" too, but in fairness they got there first.
If she chances upon this post in the blogosphere, perhaps she will let me know. Or maybe you know her.
I wrote "Jiffany" with a bottle of acrylic paint, straight from the opening. I meant to write "Tiffany," since Audrey is there looking in the store's window, but it sounds like I've coined a new word: jiffany. That what you say to someone when you're window shopping at a jewelry store and they're ready to go: "I'll be with you in a jiffany." hahahahaha
Well, besides doing the NaNoWriMo thing I am working on a present for my granddaughter. And wouldn't you know it? It also involves words. So I really must go. Ta, ta - femminismo

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Building Momentum. Yee hah!

I'VE DONE IT! I've smashed through the 25,000 word barrier! I am halfway to NaNoWriMo Heaven!
I almost can't believe it, but there was my word count. My goal this evening was 25K and I made it and you all will probably never hear the end of it ... unless I don't write 50,000 words by the end of November and then I will go gently into that good night and keep my yap shut forevermore.
My story has changed dramatically. (Excerpt is below in previous post.) I was going to abandon the death of Lily for something else, but upon reflection - and a bowl of tapioca pudding - I believe I will still be able to use her tragic demise to make Nellie's life a conflicted, torturous mess. Oh, don't we love to put our characters through the wringer.
The Mister's knee is doing OK, but today we discovered that our property taxes were due on Nov. 17. We missed paying early and saving $80 - that would have paid most of the electric bill. And now we may have to pay a penalty! Maybe if I tell them my Mister had surgery and I'm doing NaNoWriMo? Surely "they" would understand. Oh, never mind. I'm sure they've heard every excuse in the book. Most of them much better than mine. I'll pay it tomorrow and ask if we owe the county more.
The picture above is one I took upon leaving work tonight. The sky was really glowing and the light rail train was just pulling into the station. I then went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and ran into a young man who/whom I used to discipline on the playground when he was a sixth-grader and I was in another life. (Not literally, but figuratively. We've all come through several "lives" haven't we, just like cats?) Looks like he grew up to be a good guy. That's cool to know.
Today was a busy work day. My flowers - cosmos - are the last of the season and worse for wear due to frost last night. I think when I make 30,000 words I'll buy myself flowers from the florist for my desk.
Here is a journal page, too. It's not quite finished, but is sort of a new tangent I'm off on: Doing an illustration of real things, people or scenes that touch, inspire or make me laugh. I'm going to save them in a special book I bought today.
I know, I know, I should finish one thing before starting another, but then I'd never get anything done, believe it or not - femminismo

Monday, November 17, 2008

NaNoWriMo - the Excerpt.

WELL, here it is. Just a bit of the little over 20,000 words I've written. I finally busted through that frontier. Now ... just ... 30 ... thousand ... more. : (

A LONG TIME AGO I swallowed a secret – a secret so big that many a dark night it has threatened to consume me, just as I once consumed it.
All of us have secrets. Some are not as big as mine; some, I imagine, are even bigger.
What's your secret? Did you once tell a fellow you had a baby inside you, even though you didn't, just so he'd marry you? Did you stand someone up and pretend you'd not even made a date? Something small like that, something that even though it was small could have changed destinies?
Did you shake a baby just a little bit too hard when it wouldn't stop crying? Did you lie in any way, shape or form to save yourself a bit of trouble, or conveniently forget things that weigh heavily on the average human heart?
I can remember waiting and dreading the day when someone would know it. Someone might remember something that could lead them back to me and my guilt.
But it didn't bother me as much after Win died. For Win was the only one who knew my secret ... as far as I knew.

The day started much as any other. We were somewhere we shouldn't have been, Lily and I, and we were doing something we were not permitted to do.
We were down by the shore of the lake exploring. That was allowed. We were on our own time; it was our day off, Sunday. It was a day off for most of the loggers, too.
No one worked on Sunday and a lot of the men attended the church service in the local town, mostly at the insistence of Mrs. O'Reilly, the camp boss's wife. She had an evangelistic streak in her ever since she had left the Catholic church and joined the Baptists in town. I wondered what it took to push someone that far from one way to the other. Why did Mrs. O'Reilly change faiths so dramatically?
Lily and I were picking flowers to take back to our room at the logging camp. The cabin we were in was quite plain and we had gathered some magazine pictures and pinned them on the wall. It made the place brighter – a little bit – but what wouldn't we give for real wallpaper. Wallpaper like I had on my walls at home in the bedroom. It had been a long time since I'd thought of Canada and mama and papa, but Sundays always had a way of making me wonder how things were going for them back home.
Lily and I were there for about an hour, walking farther away from the camp toward the north end of the lake. We'd been warned not to go there since there were sphagnum bogs that could suck young women in and leave not a trace behind, Mrs. Avery had said.
That was when we came upon the boat tied up to a large rock at the bottom of Cleetwood Cove Trail. I couldn't believe the boat ramp was deserted. Usually there was someone waiting for a ride out to Wizard Island, but I supposed there were lunch breaks for the men who ran the boat out.
No one was about on this sleepy Sunday late in September. Soon the snows would be coming and we wouldn't see anyone here or at the camp, unless they were the folks who had to stay with us and keep things going until the end of October.
Then Lily and I would be moving into town to work in the hotel where Mrs. Avery had promised to find us jobs.
“Nellie, let's take this boat out on the water,” Lily exclaimed.
“Oh, no, you don't,” I replied. “You are not going to go getting me into trouble. I don't want to go on the boat.”
“Let's just sit in it then and pretend we're out on the water.”
I couldn't see anything wrong with that. We looked around and didn't see anyone.
“You get in first,” Lily said.
I hopped in and as soon as my back was turned, Lily pulled the rope off the rock and jumped in, pushing against the rock with her foot.
“Lily! What are you doing? We can't take this boat out. We just can't.”
“Oh, relax, Nellie. You are such a nervous Nellie, you certainly live up to your name. We won't go far off shore. I just want to sit here and forget about all the work back at the camp. We're going to be working all winter, too, in the hotel. Do this, do that. We won't get a moment's peace. It's so nice here and I just want to forget about everything. Everything.”
She laid back in the boat that was now drifting in the water, farther from the shore than made me comfortable.
I sat down and grabbed hold of each side of the boat.
“You drive me crazy, Lily. Why did you want to go and do this. What if we fall in?”
“No one is going to fall in,” she said lazily. “All we have to do is sit still and we can use the oars to get us back when the time comes. The sun will be up for quite a while longer. Say, did you eat all your lunch?”
“Yes, I did. OK, we'll stay here for just a little while and then you promise we'll go back, right?”
“Yes, yes. I promise."

It was making me real nervous, floating farther and farther away from the shore. I couldn't go to sleep like Lily, who seemed to take everything with a grain of salt. There were noises of something hitting against the sides of the boat, and at first I thought it was the gentle slap of the waves. Then I decided it was the fish in the water that most of the men sought from the shores of Wizard Island. The lake looked so blue from up above on the edges of the crater. Mrs. Avery said it had been formed when God was a child, so I guess it was pretty old.
After a while the sun began to sink in the sky; clouds were coming in. Eventually the cool air woke Lily. She sat up and stretched like a kitten, yawning like one too.
“Oh, that was a good sleep. But it's gotten cold." She rubbed arms hands along her arms. "Where did these clouds come from?”
I looked up and said, “They've been coming in for just the last few minutes. I didn't want to wake you.”
“Well you should have. Storms come up quickly on lakes. There might be lightning this time of year.”
She reached for the oars but the boat was too broad for her to grasp both of them.
“Take one of the oars, Nellie. Let's work together getting this boat in.”
I shifted my weight a little and the boat rocked. I screamed and grabbed for Lily.
“Quit that!” she snapped. “Just stay still. I'll get it. Good grief, how come I have to do everything around here?”
Lily stood up and stepped over me to get to the other side of the boat where the oar was. She was rocking the boat again and I was terrified we would capsize. I grabbed hold of Lily's legs and she tripped and came down hard.
She grunted and I heard a thunk when her head hit the metal lock where the oar fit in. Her body cartwheeled over and, splash, she was in the water.
“Lily!” I screamed. There she was floating alongside the boat and I could see the red blood bubbling from her head but she didn't make any effort at all to swim or fight her way back onto the boat. Her eyes were closed just as they had been when she'd been sleeping. Her body began to slip into the water, deeper and deeper.
I reached out my fingers and touched her skirt that was floating in the water. The material was covered with a pink flower print. I remembered Win's words to her back at the camp. “That dress looks real pretty on you, Lily.”
I saw Win in my mind's eye, the way he looked at the wash basin outside the camp when he'd come in from the woods, stripped to the waist and splashed cool water over his steaming body. I remembered the woodsy smell of him, the pine sap on his shirt a clean perfume. I thought of how I wanted Win for my own.
I looked toward shore and didn't see anyone at all. No one was about.
Then I looked at Lily again. I didn't want Win this way. Not this way!
I took the oar from the lock and pushed at Lily, and heard myself screaming, “Lily, grab the oar. Lily!”
She was floating away from the boat and sinking deeper into the cold, dark water. Then suddenly, she was gone.

Once, long ago, I swallowed a secret so big I thought surely someone would be able to tell by looking closely enough at me. My eyes would reflect the scene – someone would glimpse it.
Like the magician who swallows pingpong balls and then makes them appear under his hat or between his fingers or in someone's pocket, I thought surely that secret would show up again. Someone would discover how the magician performed this particular trick and uncover him – uncover me – by knowing something. Or someone who had seen how I did this thing – this swallowing up of guilt and fear.
Did I ever look happy? Even when I was laughing on the glass bottom boat on the way to Santa Catalina Island, did I really look so carefree and unconcerned?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Assisted Living Center - and a little art.

OK, I know. I'm feeling put upon and whiny. But today, Sunday, this house has felt a bit like an assisted care center. "Get me tea, please. I need more ice for my knee. I'm hungry, what's for lunch?" from the Mister.
Then, from my brother, "Can I come over and do my laundry?" (He needs to be picked up and taken home too.)
If either of them reads this, sorry, but I feel whiny and I'm gonna whine!
So now I'm done. On Saturday night I got out of the house with JoAnn and Sylvia and we went to Bodacious Beads for Creative Circle with Turquoize, and Linda was there too.
We made rolled paper beads and gift tags and hanging holders for the upcoming holidays. I liked the first paper bead I made and then the rest were reject material. I don't want to give up on them, however, because I really think they have potential. I'll try more another time.
Above is the beginning of my project. I wasn't sure what I was doing, but I began with a stamped image I really liked, and a tag cut from an old manila folder (recycle, recycle!), yarn and my one paper bead.
Here is JoAnn's Christmas Day holder (it's a pocket and you can slip in money or tickets or ???) and also her circle with glitter, a snowman picture and beads coated in glitter with stars "hanging out." I love the buttons hanging from the holder on the left.
Clarkie, at Bodacious Beads, is so generous to let us come in and use the crafting area of her store one night a month. It's fun to get together and talk and share different art materials and projects.
I started another holder - I don't know what else to call them. You fold a piece of paper, "sew" up the edges with yarn, wire or, in my case, silver glitter pipe cleaners. The picture of the girl is clipped from a book and stuffed in a scrap of gold paper. Sort of looks like a present popping out, I think. The lace will get glued on later. I ran out of time!
Sylvia's holders are so cute! Can't you see these on the tree? I like how she made the wire on the hanging beads all twirly.
Now here's the four of us together - me, Sylvia, Tuquoize and JoAnn - and I'm sure they'll all say I was trying to hide behind my project again. It was the best picture, however, so I chose this one. Thank you, Linda, for taking it.
Well, it is time to do some more on my NaNoWriMo story. I'm thinking of changing the title to "The Magician's Pingpong Balls." What do you think? An excerpt from the book is coming very soon - femminismo
p.s. Nineteen thousand two hundred thirteen words!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cold Outside ... With a Big Moon.

THE moon is getting fuller each evening and tonight the sky is clear and the temperature is dropping. It's 42 degrees out now and sure to go down a little bit more before the night is over.
I have a journal page picture here. The entire journal page consists of a tiny obituary photo I really liked and a poem I found by W.D. Snodgrass.
It is only one stanza of the poem, but it really stood out.
The Mister is in a little pain tonight (after his knee surgery), but that was to be expected. Another pain pill before bed and he should be good for the night. One more day of elevation and ice and he can take up ballet again. ; )
A friend at work, JoAnn, loaned me a book by one of my favorite New Yorker contributing artists Maira Kalman. The book is "The Principles of Uncertainty," and it is wonderful. You can read it in one evening, but you will want to stare at the pictures a long time and admire her knowledge of places, food and people. She must be quite a collector too, of many odd things. If you go to her Web site, check out the "Elements of Style" movie. French music!!
I hope you see the moon wherever you are tonight ... or tomorrow - femminismo

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Hasn't Been Going On?

WELL, I can tell you what hasn't been going on. I haven't been posting. I have been busy working, participating in NaNoWriMo (17,767 words as of tonight) and then, today, the Mister had some arthroscopic knee surgery.
His meniscus was torn, on the outside of his knee, but the surgeon was able to repair it. Now I am serving him tea and soup (the Mister, not the doctor) and other comforting foods after his day-surgery and tedious "wait time" in the hospital. All very tiring.
All the nurses said he was very patient. Hmm. Talking about my Mister?
He walked into the house from the car and has taken his pain pills and is keeping the knee elevated and iced. I hope he has a peaceful night and doesn't wake up in pain at ANY point. Because then that means that I will have to wake up too, and then it will become readily evident what a crappy nurse - and all around human being - I am.
I am also on edge and tired myself because when someone you dearly loves is having foreign objects inserted into his body and is being given anesthesia and has a huge bandage on his leg, you sort of get to thinking of how you'd really miss that person if they weren't around - you know what I mean?
So go find that guy or gal - or that kitty cat or puppy dog - and give them a big ol' smooch. That's what femminismo sez!
p.s. Doesn't the heart give this knee the perfect touch? What a good sport Mister is.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Twinchies and Journal Pages.

WORDS (Nanowrimo words) fall by the wayside as I concentrate on housework, "twinchies" (2-inch squares) for SoulJournal and altering a book on the Greeks so it can become my latest journal.
Actually I have about 12,000 words for Nanowrimo, so I'm feeling good about that. Good about the word count, but not the story quality. : ( Right now, however, it's the word count that counts.
For those who would like the encouragement of working on journal pages with others - and thereby actually getting something done because of peer pressure - go to www.collagediva. com and join the Yahoo group. You'll soon be up to your elbows in glue, paint and glitter, I'll bet.
Our SoulJournal group is making 2-inch square collaged bits that will become what you see when you open up a "door" a day on an Advent calendar. I've never made one before. Someone in the group had the idea we put little sliding matchboxes behind the calendar so they could be opened and have a treat inside. The picture would be on the outside of the matchbox cover. This is a wonderful idea. A small piece of chocolate every night will help me prevail and not eat all of the cookies I plan to bake and freeze.
I like the journal page quote above, from what a wandering Greek sage (traditionally the great Athenian lawgiver, Solon) allegedly told Croesus, who was then said to be the richest man on earth. Wealth and power can disappear overnight - "and the sum of a man's good fortune can never be known until his days have ended."
Here is a photo of my two twinchies, which represent "the present" and "relationship." And here is a photo I took on Saturday, when it poured like there was no tomorrow. I guess this sunset was trying to make up for our drippy trees and torrential rainfall - femminismo
p.s. I was so glad to see Judy Wise posted something. I forgot she was going to Mexico and I got worried about her. It's not like her to go so long between posts. It looks like she had a wonderful time!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Little of This ... A Little of That.

TIME is racing much too quickly and I'm behind on my Nanowrimo word count, which I vowed wouldn't happen - but did.
It couldn't be because I've aimlessly been wandering around the house when I'm not at work, or volunteering or doing yoga, could it?
Fall is in full swing here in Oregon, with all the lovely leaves falling, falling, falling - as you can see in the picture here. The Mister and I came out into the kitchen one morning and it was as if it had snowed. The overhead windows in the sunroom off the kitchen were almost completely covered, obscuring the light and making our little house much darker. The leaves are gone now. He got busy and washed them all off. I miss them, but I like the light.
I don't know if I told you I joined a journaling group where we get "prompts" on Sunday to jog our brains and get us working creatively in our journals. It's called SoulJournal. Here is a page done with favorite phrases I chose that struck a chord with me. Some are my own, others belong to people whose thoughts I admire. If you have a favorite I'll try and find it for you. Or you can always Google it.
Tonight I hopefully got rid of some malware that landed in my computer. It was a "popup" that told me my computer was infected. Said to download Microsoft virus cleanup to "pervent" damage to my files. So I searched for help online and found some that looked legit. I had to go into my system configuration utility and deselect "brastk." (Which I was happy to do!) Well, the popup is gone, and the little red circle with the white X is gone from the toolbar. Let's hope it stays that way. Remember: Be careful out there! It can be a wide, dangerous Webiverse.
On a much, much brighter note: I attended Valley Art Gallery's Annual Artist Event on Monday and bought myself something wonderful. It's the bracelet you see in the photo, the one with the crystals, silver skulls and the onyx horn-shaped charm. Handmade by Linda Hayes, a Yamhill, Oregon jewelry artist. She studied books and writings on the Vikings and fashioned a bracelet that one of the Viking maidens might have worn. I will wear it as my charm as I ruthlessly crank out the words for Nanowrimo! Offhand, I cannot think of anyone who deserves something like this more than - femminismo!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Man and His Qualities.

HUMBLE, calm, sober. Ready. Cautious. Grateful.
Bind us together with every good word and greater intention.
"It will be a great thing for the human soul when it finally stops worshiping backwards. We are pushed forward by the social forces, reluctant and stumbling, our faces over our shoulders, clutching at every relic of the past as we are forced along, still adoring whatever is behind us. We insist upon worshiping 'the God of our fathers.' Why not the God of our children? Does eternity only stretch one way?" - Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Home, 1910
- femminismo
p.s. Happy Birthday, Ruthie-girl. I love you!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lunch With Sis ... and Autumn's So Pretty It Hurts.

MY sister, one year younger than me, was down from Washington to visit and on Saturday I lured her to my new favorite place to eat, Out Aza Blue, in Gales Creek.
We split a buffalo burger with bleu cheese. I had salad and she had potato chips (homemade). Our mother used to make these when we were young and they went as quickly as they came out of the pan. The Out Aza Blue chips were really crisp and light. Mom would have loved them, especially since she wouldn't have had to do any of the work.
The drive to Gales Creek was breathtaking. The yellow, gold and scarlet deciduous trees were mingled among the evergreens and seemed more beautiful than any other fall in decades. On the way back home it was raining a bit, but nothing could dim their loveliness.
Today, Sunday, we went out to breakfast and then to work off some of the calories from the egg-coated, rolled-oat covered sourdough bread french toast with apple slices (cream cheese icing on the side) I raked leaves - the photo is a conglomeration of images, with a before and after shot of the path I made - worked on my altered art journal and went grocery shopping for our own groceries and something to make for the Valley Art Annual Artist Event members night reception tomorrow evening. (Turned out to be a veggie platter.)
The Mister and I collaborated on dinner: He cooked hamburger, onions, chili powder and tomatoes in a pan and I made the cornbread to pour on top. Then it all baked in the oven. He even asked me if I wanted to take a picture of it, but I guess I knew I had enough photos already to post.
I am working on Nanowrimo, but I'm not at all happy with the words I've put together so far. I know that's not really the point, and my brain is still freeing itself up, but still it's disappointing. I guess I thought it might come together more easily. I've tried writing longhand, on the computer, changing chairs and writing surfaces - and it's just not working quite right. Well, when it does, though, it will be a bonus - femminismo

Saturday, November 1, 2008

One thousand eight hundred fourteen words!

YOU read that title correctly! Day One of Nanowrimo and I've got 1,814 words this morning before 9 a.m. I am feeling so proud of myself, so good, so clean, so pure.
Nonny nonny boo boo! But I'd better shut up because one day soon you will hear/read me whining that I've had so much to do I haven't written Word One.
It comes, it goes; it waxes, it wanes. But, still, it's begun, and that's the important part.
The working title is "Not So's You'd Notice." The heroine is "Nellie." She is in Klamath Falls right now. She had to leave a job in Portland, Ore., and return home to help her mother care for her grandmother. It's 1920, her father is an invalid due to a logging accident, and Nellie will soon be working in logging camps feeding the hungry workers.
This just has "bestseller" written all over it. Well, it will, as soon as I put in the ghost whispering and mob whacking. (Just kidding.) Did you hear the sing-song voice I used to say "just kidding"?
So bring on the coffee, the late nights, typing in my car on the laptop during work lunch breaks - I'm ready for it.
Let me know how your Nanowrimo word counts go. Looking for a buddy? You can search for me by name, femminismo; or novel title, Not So's You'd Notice. Genre: Creative fiction. Let me know your Nanowrimo name so we can connect - femminismo
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