Friday, February 13, 2009

Littlest Sister Of Mine.

SHE is our littlest sister, the fifth child to safely arrive in our family.
I can remember - or think I remember - my other sister counting our baby sister's tiny toes. Lifting up the blanket in her bassinet and counting them. Or maybe it's only an old family story that begins to seem like the truth.
In any event, somehow today and this evening went past and now it's too late to call and wish her a happy birthday. That special day, her birthday, is almost over.
She - and all of us - were so lucky to land, like little birds, in our parents' nest.
Such a wonderful mother and father we had. Somehow we always knew they were the best.
We had clues: Our father with a wink and a gleeful smile, to tell us all that we were safe and things were fine and always would be. Our mother with a tender smile, to let us feel the love and forgiving heart that would be our comfort even when things got tough.
Jen-Jen, here is a copy of the letter that Daddy sent to Mama when he was on his way back from the war. You and I hadn't been thought of at that time. Well, maybe considered a little. Wink, wink! - Your big sister


3rdEyeMuse said...

happy (belated) birthday to your sister & a happy, happy heart day to you!

KathrynAntyr said...

What a wonderful recollection - your parents sound like the kind of person I hope to be.

Happy Valentine's Day
{soul hugs}

Lady North said...

Happy Birthday to a sister Aquarian and what a wonderful Sister to have (both of you)
You could tell your sister from me that I have declared February as my Birthday Month so it doesn't matter on what day or when the wishes arrive! Chuckling..hugs and waves from Quail Hill on the Island.LN Blessings.

Shell said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you. And belated Happy Birthday to your sister. A lovely gift to give to your sister to remember your parents.

Anonymous said...

Thank you big sister for remembering me on my birthday. We were so lucky to have our parents. I wish they were here and we could grow up all over again.

Love you, Sis.

Jen Jen