Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend ... And It's Gone!

IT'S the weekend - and then it's gone. Here we are at Sunday night.
Accomplished a couple of things. The most satisfying had to be moving a peony to where it can be enjoyed. It used to be stuck under the heavenly bamboo.
Right now is the time to move things in the garden. Or replace them! I am so sure I will have to shop for a new rosemary plant. I trimmed the one in the garden back, but it looks to be seriously toasted, with no green on the stems at all.
I've read numerous articles on how to prune roses, but each year I do it pretty much the same way. Chop, chop, chop. Cut out dead wood. Cut on an angle. Cross my fingers.
Saw some violets on my way around the back yard. The Lenten roses are blooming and giving us encouragement. The rain we were supposed to get - all day long - didn't happen, so that was a bonus.
The brightest note this weekend was a birthday party for my granddaughter, who just turned 16 yesterday. I will always treasure a special memory of her, when she was only 2 or 3. Her mother had just taken her from the bathtub and she jumped into my towel-draped lap and wrapped her monkey arms around my waist. The smell of her hair and her sweet, warm, wet hug has stayed with me all this time as if it just happened. (There! I felt it happen again as I typed those words!)
Four other granddaughters were also at the party. What a wonderful day.
Then I went to Creative Circle where we played with shrinky dinks and made charms, earrings and whatever else came out of the tiny toaster ovens. Sylvia and Turquoize (above, with her ATC) were our leaders in this adventure. It's always fun to get together once a month and play with this group.
Sylvia and JoAnn both took JoAnn's stash of library book cards and did something with them so we could each have one. We had lots to choose from, since they were super busy with glue and paint. I liked JoAnn's hint to "put food coloring in your bathwater." I think I might tint mine blue and put on exotic music and pretend I'm swimming in tropic waters. And I definitely want to read Sylvia's "Ranch Romance." Sounds/looks like a great book (pretend, but great).
Remember, if you want one of the library cards with its pocket, that is part of my guerrilla art project (read earlier post on this, please) let me know at I have five cards left. Each one will have part of a story on it and we'll put them all together. - G'night - femminismo


Anonymous said...

The weekends are just not long enough. Great to hear how your garden is going, probably looks better than mine that has 98% plants removed to put in new fence.Grrrr.

~Barb~ said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend...and aren't grandchildren wonderful? I adore my grandboy so much so I know what you mean about your great memory of your granddaughter. Happy birthday to her!

I'm so excited about my card. Woot! This is such an adventure!

Peace & Love,

3rdEyeMuse said...

it's after weekends like yours (and mine, too, actually) that I SERIOUSLY wish I were a lady of leisure and could play, play, play ALL the time. :)

glad your weekend was so full! I hope you'll share some garden shots once the mass blooming starts to happen.

Candace said...

So happy to read this fun and adventurous post. I love shrinky dinks, lol! Food color in the bathtub, what an excellent idea. And happy day to your granddaughter. 16 is just too sweet!
Have a great week, Jeanne and have fun in the tropics.
Your Pal.