Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Blog Party ... I'm Here!

KATHRYN Antyr, the moderator of the SoulJournal Yahoo Group, invited everyone to a blog party - complete with party treats. So much fun. I am finally getting around to posting before everyone on the East Coast goes to bed and Valentine's Day is over.
First a valentine for everyone. This comes from a scrapbook my aunt once had. It must be around 60 years old, at least. She saved all her cards and letters. This particular valentine is glued down, but is embossed and colorful, still, after all this time. When you pull on the "to my valentine" part the girl "steps" forward. It's very charming.
Here is the art journal page I did for the blog party. I will post it on the site when I finish here. The theme was "birds of a feather" and included some other ideas to incorporate. I'm not crazy about this, but I did have some happy accidents that I will apply to other pages in my journal. Learning, learning ... all the time learning. Kathryn found the bird templates for us and Martha (the Martha) provided the roses and tea cup. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
I am going to use this post to catch up on EVERYTHING! On Friday, Feb. 13, at about 11:45 a.m., I opened my new blog - where the finders of guerrilla valentines were told to go - and SOMEONE registered they had found the first one. They left no contact info, but I am hoping others find the valentines soon and decide it's safe (that may be a worry) to comment on the blog. So exciting and I knew you would all want to know what's going on with that.
Then, as if my sanity is not being questioned often enough lately, I am doing the Global Guerrilla Stitch-Up with Grrl+dog in Australia. Here is my knitting which is destined for a tree in an unnamed (as of now) city near me. Don't you think this will keep the skinny little tree cozy until spring is really, honestly, truly here?
Last, but not least, the Disintegration Project with Seth at The Altered Page: My pages are slightly soggy and the title page is covered with a very fragile rotting leaf. The pages got some sunshine today and I got a chance to snap a photo in-between clipping roses and other foliage. Bulbs are sprouting and spring is on its way. Hip Hip Hooray! I was going to snip back my tree peonies, but could not do the deed. The flowers are so lovely I can't live without one of them. Maybe next spring I will do it, but not this year. Not when winter has lasted far too long. Again, Happy Valentines - femminismo


Thauna said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Your party post is great! LOVE the old valentine!

Brenda said...

How exciting that you have had someone respond already. You are certainly involved in some very interesting projects. Happy Valentine's Day.

Miss Sandy said...

I took a peek at your Altered Page at your hearts and they are delightful! Love the colors. Happy Valentine's Day!

Megan Warren said...

Happy Valentines Day!

Judy H in NC said...

Had to stray over to the Disintegration Project. Love your postings.

Lisa said...

I just love your blog! And I really like your journal page. Happy accidents are just the best, aren't they? :) Happy Day After.

3rdEyeMuse said...

hooray for the first Guerilla Valentine response! am crossing fingers & toes that the rest (or at least most) show up!

I do like what you did with the bird template Kathryn found. :) such a great shape, too.

that knit-up is AWESOME! can't wait to see the lucky tree ... I haven't quite figured out WHERE I'm putting mine up ... such a dilema ... ah well, will figure it out eventually. :)

happy heart day!

Mrs. Stinky said...

Sorry I'm late. Hope you had a happy Valentine's day.
I like your rotting leaf page.
Heather :)

Carrie said...

Thanks for coming by my blog for the party. Nice altered work you have

Dawn said...

Your work is lovely and I'm very fond of happy accidents... I make those all the time! ;o)

Best Wishes

Seth said...

You have so many great projects going on. And your bundle is looking just right!

Anonymous said...

YES! You're all over!! LOVE IT!! bet...that tree will feel cozy..SURE!