Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rendezvous With Me.

Ooh la la! So ver-r-r-y French! Rendezvous. A prearranged meeting!
My wild little brain is flying high and wild tonight as I prepare to send off these valentines. I have decided to make Le Internet my duena. She will be with me at all times as I meet up with the arty types who find these valentines and answer the mysterious invitation to have fun on an art journey.
We will meet at a prearranged blogspot where we will "have the fun," as you Americans say.
Well, enough with pretending I'm French. You know I was born and raised in Oregon. I have been to Paris, but was not born there. In spirit, perhaps, but not in fact.
Yes, I am going to scatter these valentines and leave them out to whoever finds them and wants to continue the adventure. Maybe I will send two of them out to people I know, but otherwise I will let them fall as they may.
So this is what I have been doing with myself lately besides recovering from the cold and cough I got. I feel better and can't wait to be my old self again!
Meanwhile I suppose you've been wondering where our bathroom renovation is going. (Of course you have.) Here are the latest pictures and it may be the last ones for a little while. I think - finally - my soldier of a digital camera may have bitten the dust. Bought the farm. Kicked le bucket. The photo on the left is a closeup of the smooth tiles inlaid with marble squares. The Mister says you can see the dragonflies in the tile so there's no need to inlay them special. Hmm. Do you buy that? The picture on the right is of the bench we'll have so we can sit and shower - when we "get old" JoAnn says. "So we can sleep through the shower in the morning!" I say. Better go. Today's the Mister's birthday and we're going to have ice cream - femminismo


~Barb~ said...

What a wonderful idea about the Valentines! I love it and hope you have some wonderful "finders" of them.

I love the tile and the bench. Good idea from the Mister about the old and gray days and sitting to shower. LOL

Peace & Love,

makeyourpresentsfelt said...

what a bonne idee to scatter the valentines!

Brenda said...

I hope you enjoyed your icecream. Love the idea of scattering le love, tres cool, haha.

Kimmie said...

You are having way too much fun - and it's a birthday to boot! Enjoy the ice cream :)

Candace said...

Happy Birthday to Mister! Hope that ice cream was just the ticket. That new bath is coming along just fine, it looks to me.

Those valentines are *excellent*! And thanks for the heart art suggestions, too, Jeanne. Fun, as always, reading your post!
Take care,

3rdEyeMuse said...

another happy birthday to the mister. :)

I so wish I was in the area of scattering and could be so lucky to find something like that in my path. much luck and great success with the super fun experiment. :)

oh! and the remodel is looking fab!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne Girl--Glad you are on the mend and that the shower is taking shape nicely...it looks great!

Thought of you tonight...Gary and I ate Italian at Morelli's on Main St. and we shared a bowl of Nutella Gelato. It was sooooo good! Wish we could have shared it with you, too...well, maybe not your cold germs. :) Love, Judy

A rambling rose said...

Hi Jeanne - l love this idea and only wish I lived in the scatter area!!! But i'm going to pinch this for next year - hope you don't mind!!!