Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Don't Always "Know" What We See.

TRUTH: We sometimes think ideas show up by magic. "Why are my thoughts dwelling on this? Or that? Or the other thing?"
Sometimes we don't see things that are right in front of our eyes until we shift our focus a little bit.
JoAnn, my crafting pal and work colleague, handed out library cards and pockets - you know; the items librarians used to track books with before computerized scanners. She gave them to us at our Creative Circle group to paint, glue, or decorate in whatever way we wanted.
I began painting mine and had no idea what I was going to do with them. Would I write down famous people's names on the library cards? Boring! Draw pictures on them? What, what, what to do?
Then tonight, as I was stamping them with paint, my mind got empty and wandered to the guerrilla valentines I left around that folks have been hesitant to "register" on the other blog - merencontrer - which, as two words, is "me rencontrer" in French and means "meet me." (Or I think it does, anyway.) Meet me, get it? Rendezvous?
So I was stamping these library card pockets with paint and all at once I thought, "What if I wrote a story and put a part of the story on each of these 10 cards and then in order to read the whole story people have to go to the other blog and post their part of the story?" How fun would that be?
But how can we guarantee the whole story will get to the other blog?
Well, I could ask for comments. Those who comment get a card, but where do I send them?
So the best idea is e-mail me - - and you can give me your address. (I promise you won't start receiving credit card applications in the mail!) I'll spring for the postage, you get something fun in the mail, then we all put our parts of the story together. (I'll keep one card - maybe the one with "The End" on it.) First nine people to send me their address by e-mail get a card.
The price you pay is decorating the front of the library card pocket anyway you like. Then take a photo of it - a jpeg - and send it to my e-mail address so I can post it on the blog!!! Oh! And you will have to type in your part of the story in the "comment section." Don't worry: I will sort them out.
Sound like too much work? Then let someone else get the card and just tell me what a fantastic brainstorm I just had.
Oh, by the way, click on the picture above and turn your head just a little bit to the left and see if you see what was right in front of me before I got the idea about writing a story in pieces and letting readers put it together - femminismo


Candace said...

well, is it the headline? Mmmm... as always, a woman of mystery! I love the photo, Jeanne. It has the look of an old photograph, thanks to the soft lighting and composition.
I have to say I am excited about the Rendezvous. Thanks for thinking of me!

Brenda said...

I think it is brilliant - count me in if you don't mind mailing to Australia!

A rambling rose said...

You can count me in to if you don't mind posting to the UK? Sounds good fun and love the idea!

A rambling rose said...

Just clicked - brilliant headline and how clever/brilliant to use it like this!

~Barb~ said...

What a fantastic idea! And yep, I see cool!
Now, to send you my address. WOOT!
Peace & Love,

Kimmie said...

Oh me me me me!! (hand waving wildly in the air)

3rdEyeMuse said...

I sent my email in hopes that I'm lucky enough to be one of the nine (fingers and toes still crossed).


Yep, I'm pretty sure it was that headline, too.

femminismo said...

It *is* the headline: "Readers share efforts." I saw that in the photo and went "Whoa!" It was there all the time and my little brain registered it somehow. So all the readers of the story on the library cards can put them together and we'll have a complete "Once upon a time ... The End."

A rambling rose said...

when I click on the envelope it doesn't give me your email address can u go to my blog and send it to me again - sorry !