Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not So Very Goody Two Shoes.

TA-DAH! The deed is done! The guerilla valentines have been dispersed. (Yes, indeed, I had comments that these valentines were like guerilla valentines and they really are.)
As a rule follower and non-lawbreaker, it is difficult for me to pull off the indiscriminate act of willful disobedience. As I walked down the library aisle away from the valentine I had left on the shelf near the arts and crafts section and home decorating books (my gosh, there are thousands of them - home decorating books, that is) ... as I walked away I expected someone to come running after me and tell me I had left something behind. But no. No one followed me.
I walked all the way to the end of the library and found two books by Joan Aiken I want to read. One is "Lady Catherine's Necklace," and the author takes up where "Pride and Prejudice" left off, with Lady Catherine de Bourgh trying to prevent the betrothal of her nephew, Mr. Darcy, whom she had intended for her daughter, Anne, to marry.
I almost want to call in sick to work tomorrow so I can stay home and read it. My eyeballs are yearning to devour it!
Anyway, just as if I weren't a criminal of the worst sort, I checked out these books and merrily made my way out of the Main Library and walked down toward the creek where the ducks were having a gay old time. Brrr! Not my idea of fun, but they began gathering around where I stood hoping a treat would be thrown their way. Then-I-ever-so-casually-laid-down-my-things, took some pictures and then picked up everything but the guerilla valentine. And then I ever so casually walked away after taking a couple more photos.
Well, I really don't know which I'm more excited about. What will happen with the valentines or the book - or our new shower, which is beyond lovely. My pal, JoAnn, has suggested a party for our shower. I can cut a ribbon and everything. It is really going to be the most decadent place to bathe.
Greg the tile artiste has outdone himself.
I also went to yoga tonight and the difference it made is amazing. I am always surprised - don't know why - at how even arranging a little time to center yourself and stretch a bit and concentrate on breathing in and out can work such wonders. Nighty-night - femminismo


~Barb~ said...

You crack me up with your "criminal of the worst sort" comment. LOL I just can't wait to hear about the response that you get.
Peace & Love,

makeyourpresentsfelt said...

I'd love to be there when they're discovered!

Brenda said...

I'm tingling with excitement, and they're not even my valentines! Haha. Hey, thanks for the heads up about the "sequel" to Pride & Prejudice, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Dawn Sellers said...

You law-breaker you! What a fun experiment. I can't wait to see how this develops.
The shower is looking wonderful.

Lady P said...

such a wonderful idea - I am so inspired to just read about it -