Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday, Sunshine and a Smattering of Art.

NOW don't look at me like that. I know there's housework to do and the sun straining to shine through the windows does give rise to concerns that they should be washed - all of them, not just the one over the kitchen sink - but that's all that got done today. Oh, and the kitchen floor got mopped.
But then fun arrived in the form of a paperback Joan Aiken book in German and thoughts of Valentines - and an image of a smiling cherub.
Well, who could resist? Not me.
I photocopied Sainte Therese eight times, ripped out her picture and put one in each of the eight sections of the Joan Aiken book. All the while my mind was turning over options: "hide" the books out in plain sight and just let people have them, start a new blog and put directions to it in the book pages and when the "finder" arrives there's an invitation to a party, or just use the book bundles as valentines for my friends and invite them to a party. Hmm.
I don't know who suggested we try making our own stamps and stencils by cutting out shapes and daubing paint in the cutouts, but whoever's blog I got this idea from, it's great! I needed a heart shape and there's plenty of those in the advertisements in the February newspapers. So I cut out a heart and the stencil gave me a nice impression on the stacks of torn book pages. And the more paint that gets on it, the stronger the stencil paper becomes. (I'm getting much braver at tearing up books - at first I couldn't do it at all - but I don't think the library need fear me for quite a while yet.)
The book pages are painted with gesso and then stamped with acrylic paint. I'm going to tie them up in bundles with the string I coated with white, pink and red acrylic paint. Won't they look cute?
I think some glitter might be forthcoming too. I still don't know, however, whether to do a mysterious public art project and have strangers come to a party or just send these as valentines. What would you do?
I'm also working on my guerrilla knitting project. I want to join with Grrl+dog and maybe I'll finish a sweater for the tree outside of the local art gallery before Valentine's Day - femminismo


Candace said...

Jeanne, these are just wonderful! More please. I have just started doing stencils and stamps as well and find that (shhh!) I do like mine better. It was that journal you showed us -- so I blame you. LOL!
oh gosh, do I hear you on tearing up pages... it still squicks me.

I'm making Valentine Notes and leaving them in out and about places in downtown Athens... I got this idea some time back from -- of all people -- Grrl+dog. Small world, eh?
Have a great week when it arrives.
Your Pal.

3rdEyeMuse said...

what a terrific invitation/valentine idea! am loving that (me, I'm a chicken in regards to people I don't know, so it's easy for me to decide I'd use them as Valentines ... but I am intrigued about the party of unknowns).

I have been working on my stitch up the past couple of days ... who knows, I just might get it done BEFORE the deadline. lol ... ok, not likely, but I may just have to surprise myself. :)

Kimmie said...

It looks like you already had the fun party! What could be more fun than paint, paper, scissors and all that!?!

I would send them to friends ..... I think public art should be paid in big bucks from the federal govt (and what rock did I just crawl out from under?)