Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Library Card Art Comes Home to Mama!

WHOOPEE! Susan Sanford, at Art Spark Theatre, has sent a picture of the library card she decorated. She got a pretty grim little bit of the story and illustrated it beautifully.
Almost my whole entire day was spent sitting in front of the computer working on editing and writing (talk about grim) and then I got her wonderful e-mail and my whole day was worthwhile!
Check it out more closely by clicking on the image.
Oh, Susan, you are a pro!
OK, that's enough exclamation marks. 3rd-Eye Muse sent a comment that she's been thinking about doing something with her library card and I moved mine from the microwave to the kitchen table. So I'm well on my way to illustrating/decorating/doodling on my library card. (haha)
For the other eight people out there who also have library cards: Let's all try and finish by the end of March. Remember you can do whatever you want with it. If you want to connect it to the story like Susan did, feel free. Do your best. Go for it.
AND ... on another note ... did you watch "Lost" tonight? I did and I liked Mr. Tough Guy, Mr. Thinker, Mr. Take Charge. I had stopped caring about the show because it was not interesting, but taking them back into the Dharma Initiative when Ben was a kid? How smart was that?
Well, everyone's got an opinion ... and I think the writers have pulled their bacon out of the fire, but enough for tonight. Gotta' sleep - femminismo


Brenda said...

Hmmmm, I was sitting today pondering mine, re-reading the part-story for the third time and decided what I want to do for it - just need to sit down now and DO it!

~Barb~ said...

OMG, Susan already has hers done, Brenda is pondering hers and I just got mine in the mail yesterday! YIKES! lol Our mail here sucks, ugh!

But now I can contemplate mine and work on it today...or tomorrow, since I have tons to do today. But YAY, it's finally here!

Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥

femminismo said...

Wow! That mail does take its time, doesn't it? Glad it arrived. I wonder how the missives to England and Australia are doing? Have they gotten there?

Kimmie said...

Do I mail the actual card or just e-mail a photo (or both)?

I'll scan a photo today (I finished mine yesterday) and e-mail it .... then mail it (?)

3rdEyeMuse said...

Susan's contribution is wonderful! that just might be the bit of a shove I needed!! :)

A rambling rose said...

just to say that my library card arrived a few days ago in the UK - many thanks love the story - will try and respond to it in the next week but am away for the next few days - do you want me to send it back to you when I've taken the photo? Also to tell you that when you make a comment on my blog the link to you doesn't work!

femminismo said...

Dear Rambling Rose, I'm sorry to hear the link doesn't work but very, very happy to hear you got your card. Yes, I've decided that I would love to have them back. At first I said "keep them" but I am so overwhelmed with happiness at the way they've rolled along so magnificently that I'd like to put them into a little book. I'll copy this on your blog too. - Jeanne