Monday, March 23, 2009

Here's What We Did on Saturday and ... My Library Card Is DONE!

ON Saturday I went to Creative Circle. I've been too busy to share, but now I finally got the pictures sized and saved, so here we go.
I "taught" a class in Art Journaling, but - really - everyone there knew just as much as I did, or more.
I brought some of the books I made in the year I made one book a month, one day at a time, so everyone could see a little of the techniques I tried. We had one table set up for painting journal pages and another space for stamping and then seating so people could sit around and write in their books - or talk and visit, as some wanted to do. This is a neat group and everyone seemed real happy with what they were doing.
TurquoiZe is our "leader," since she makes sure Bodacious Beads is unlocked and ready for us to have our time together. Clarkie, the owner, is so very nice to offer her space every month. Very, very nice!
We painted pages, did some stamping and collage and the time went by much too quickly. Here are some of the great women who came to share the fun. TurquoiZe and Dawn are at right.
Alice's children's book, above left, is filled with sparkles and a token for a wish. Wouldn't that be great?
Sylvia's altered book page, with the lady who has a "map skirt," is looking good. She has a knack for collage and comes up with some of the greatest garage sale finds. I think she must have magic fingers that are all equipped with divining rods that find exquisite junk.
I love the picture of TurquoiZe with the paintbrush clenched in her mouth. (She may not, but I do.) She was so intent on that page, adding color and silver or white stamping. We didn't quite know what she was up to, but soon her "Harlequin Man" took shape. What a jolly sort of fellow he is, with his beard and wings. Fancy pants on this guy!
And here are a couple of my journal pages, without much journaling, but a little writing. Sumi ink drawing, foam stamp we made by heating the blue foam and pressing it onto embossed paper. This is really fun and I could probably do it all night long. It's fun to find different textures, heat the block and then press the block onto the surface you want to duplicate. Forget jewelry, fancy perfumes and luxurious limos - just give me blue foam blocks!
Linda was working away on her project with such dedication that I don't think she even saw me take this picture. In the background is the Bodacious Bead shop, which is full of wonderful sorts of things bead addicts absolutely must have.
AND I did tell you I FINISHED my Library Card Project, so now I must show it!
I finished it on Sunday, but two of my adorable granddaughters came to visit so I'm sure you understand I was busy. It's funny to have the 10th part of the story - THE END - come so soon, before the other parts, but it really doesn't matter. So here you go - femminismo


3rdEyeMuse said...

that looks like a fun, fun way to spend a Saturday!!

and your library card - I thank you from the bottom of my heart - something about it just triggered something in my brain ... please excuse me while I get to work!

Ro Bruhn said...

What a great little group and a great way to pass a Saturday morning, very inspiring. I'd love to visit the bead shop too.

Candace said...

oh my gosh, this is just fantastic. Oh, to have a cluster of friends _and_ beads, side by side, working together to make art again...
Your Pal in Athens

Anonymous said...

Jeanne..Thank you for sharing such a "RICH_MIX" with our Creative Inspirations group! Loved your amazing journals & those blue styro-blocks for printing...I'm still looking for more textures/patterns to emboss/Print !!! The muses have been singing in my ear since Sat nite !!! (and as for brush in my mouth...? I'm hungry for art & creative playmates !) Thanks for spinning our circle again this month...TurquoiZe