Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting Tired of Library Cards Yet?

WELL, HERE WE GO one more time with the library cards.
Tonight I made out the envelopes for Susan, Kimmie, Rosie, Brenda, Michelle and Barb. (Note: These names are in random order, not according to favoritism, because I love them all the same for they've joined me in my nutty fun.) Dawn got her library card hand-delivered to her responsible husband, Doug. I am sure he will take good care of it. (Dawn, let me know if there's any problem.)
Each one has a part of a story. Well, I must be absolutely honest and admit that the story isn't quite finished and one card lacks a "story bit" so far. Let me emphasize so far!
I am prepared to stay up until 10:30 p.m. to finish the next installment.
Meanwhile, there are only three cards left. Read the details (rules) below and then quickly let me know if you'd like to get in on this. (Click on the photo to peek at the story line. By the way, has anyone else noticed Blogger photos being blurry? Or is it just my eyes?)
The envelopes are going to many different places and I only wish I could travel with them: One to Alabama; another to Punta Gorda, Florida; another to South Australia; one to Leeds, UK; one to Snohomish, Washington (beautiful, but cool right now); and the last in the mail to Oakland, California. One hand-delivered in Hillsboro, Oregon.
More later, folks! Got to get to work on finishing up my story - femminismo


~Barb~ said...

I LOVE IT! I'm getting so excited and can't wait! WOO HOO!
Peace & Love,

Dawn Sellers said...

This is going to be so much fun. When I got downtown last night Doug told me you dropped my card off but I forgot to bring it home with me. I'll make sure he brings it home tonight so I can get started.

Kimmie said...

woo hoo - going global!

A rambling rose said...

Can't wait to get my mine too! I'll be watching for the postman!

Brenda said...

I'm excited, I've been thinking about how to decorate it - but I have no idea yet, let's hope inspiration strikes once it turns up in the post!

3rdEyeMuse said...

"... long hair & rotten teeth ..." eeek! am sooooooo excited!! pretty soon I'll either be the postal person's bestest friend or worse nightmare! :)

Nathalie Thompson said...

OMG, a friend sent me your blog link because I have a HUGE (ginormous!- we are talking a paper grocery bag FULL) collection of library book cards (sans pockets) that I have been arting on and giving away to interested parties for the past couple years.

I would LOVE to take part in your collaborative project!!!