Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Library Cards Gone to 'Players'

YES, the library cards have gone out to those other "grown-up" players who also like to have silly fun once in a while. Or as often as we can, whichever comes first.
That means I must finish the story, so that is what I will accomplish tonight.
Tomorrow we are having company - several family members, I hope - and I can't wait. I think I must have gotten this from my mother. I like to entertain family. And it doesn't hurt that we all get along. That's the sweetest thing. I can't imagine life any other way and wouldn't want to!
On Monday it snowed here and it bothered me more than I can tell you that I had to go to work and couldn't stay home and wait for more bird feet tracking through the snow onto my Disintegration Project.
However, when I got home that afternoon there was hail raining down - bouncing in an icy hiss on the pavement.
I grabbed the camera and off I went! No, that's not big chunks of salt scattered around. It's really hail among the green leaves coming up. But I know it's almost spring because the star magnolia and flowering cherry are beginning to bloom - femminismo
p.s. Must be honest: I sneaked back in to add two photos. One is X's for Seth - on journal pages in his honor - and the other pic is of the last two library cards and pockets with the END of the story. (My card - hee, hee, hee!)


~Barb~ said...

YAY! That means I should have my grubby little hands on my part of the Library Card project soon. Woot! I'm so excited.

It was 78 degrees here today and snowed last week...who knows what next week brings. lol

I love the Disintegration Project and seeing it through your lens. Seth is so cool, huh?

Peace & Love,

Brenda said...

Woo hoo, my library card is on its way.

3rdEyeMuse said...

love your journal page tribute to Seth - hints of him, but definitely from you. :)

Seth said...

Hey Jeanne. When I opened this post I first saw the bundle under ice and thought "wow...looks good." Then I saw those journal pages and thought "WOW...love those." The I read the post. Thanks so much! Made my day! :-)

Karen Cole said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thanks so much for the heads up on where I can find you. Love what you are doing here!!!