Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's Happened to My Header?

DON'T know what's going on. Maybe it's the wind outside. Pretty ferocious, so perhaps it's to blame for taking away my header.
New software installed on my computer? Gypsies, fairies? Friday the 13th aftereffects?
Anyway, it's gone and I'm not sure how to put it back up. Christy? Are you there?
Maybe there's a Blogger problem I'm not aware of and everything will be fixed when the "person with all the answers" gets back into the virtual office on Monday.
Who knows?
I am working on gathering elements for a class on Art Journaling I have volunteered to do for our "no pressure" Creative Circle class that's held one Saturday evening a month.
This will be a fun project and I will show some of the past journal pages I have done and maybe reinvigorate myself in the process.
The picture above is of a page done earlier this month. Down below, with "linked brothers," is one I did today. I have been trying to clean up my craft room. Our objective is to turn it into a bedroom so people who want to visit will actually have a room to stay in. What a concept!
Well, I'd best be doing that instead of lingering here, inside the time sucking machine - femminismo


~Barb~ said...

It is a time sucking machine, isn't it? Love the journal pages...they're always a joy to see from you. I hope you have better luck at cleaning your studio than I have had lately. LOL!!!
Peace & Love,

Christy said...

Somedays I do not realize the things I do. Sorry, I moved the file and your header is back now.

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for taking a break from altering your craft room to share the pages - so fun pages. I wish I could sneak into that Creative Circle class and play along. :)

femminismo said...

Don't you worry about sneaking into that class. If I can find time to take photos, it will be as if you are right there, albeit after the fact! Thanks for your comments and thanks to Christy for my header again. You're the best!

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