Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome Spring and Longer Days.

THE earth has made exactly enough revolutions to bring us to this point, where the earth has warmed sufficiently and the days are brighter a bit longer - enough to bring forth the green buds of spring.
Last year I visited this house in our town on the summer solstice, and then the yard was literally crammed with flowers of all kinds. I enjoy thinking of how it will be this summer, again, but right now it's looking pretty forlorn.
All except for one yellow corner, however. That spot is doing just fine. I hope the owners' backs and knees are in good shape for I'm sure they - and all of us - have our work cut out for us in the days ahead.
Today was a really good day for me personally. I hope you had a special one too. There wasn't much different about today. I didn't win the lottery or anything. I did have a couple of deadlines off my back and I was just happier than I have been in several weeks. There are reasons for that, and I know what they are, so there we are ... I'm just happier.
I'd like to say thank you to my friend, JoAnn, for helping me out today. She knows what she did - a small thing to her I'll bet - but I appreciated it.
One fantastic thing sort of like winning the lottery: My friend, Barb, in Michigan, (the person who made me the cool, colorful cloth carry-all bag) is coming to Oregon and we will get to visit. I am very excited and don't even feel sorry for her family to lose her for a while. (Oh, I sound so mean!)
Another thing: Tonight the Mister and I went to see Craig Carothers. Oh, he is so funny and had us laughing and singing along to his songs. Some songs were sad, but he sang a whole lot of them for nearly two hours straight! I bought his CD "Air Mail Blue." It has two songs on it I know I like a whole bunch.
Oops! I didn't even notice, but now it's March 21! Better get to bed - femminismo


Candace said...

Your flowers are so so wonderful to see here, Jeanne. How cheerful they are, how can we stay down for very long?
Glad things are going well for you and that you had a really good day. May you have many many more!
Hooray for Barb's visit, too! (you? mean? pshaw!)
Your Pal

Anonymous said...

ah. the spring equinox for you....