Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Girl and Violets

JUST a short note on today: Shey's birthday was celebrated tonight. She looked like a very happy 17-year-old girl. Movie and dinner with friends and a chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake with them and family and then presents. We've all come a long ways together ... .
Today was bright with sunshine and tonight may set a February 21st record low temperature. I hope all those violets will still have their bright eyes shining tomorrow. Here's how they looked today when I gathered a bunch of them in a cup - femminismo
p.s. See my new gloves beside them? There is work cut out for the gloves!


Steve said...

It was my wife's birthday on Saturday - so a birthday weekend for us both, I guess. Happy birthday one and all!

Candace said...

Happy happy birthdays all around! Gee, first Mister, now Shey.

We have about six or seven b'days in my own family... gee, what WAS going on to cause that? ahhh, yes. The Merry Merry Month of May.
Stay warm, Jeanne, and good luck to your violets.

Candace in Athens.