Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dream Of A Moon

THERE is a dream of a moon outside, rising high in the east. We have just watched the closing ceremonies for the Olympics and look forward to another gathering in 2014 in Russia with nations at peace and more hope everywhere.
As the Canadian official said at the end of the games (not an exact quote) "we hope to one day see children all over the world able to play."
There are some who haven't the energy to play because of malnutrition or disease. Or they have no safe place to play because of war and natural disasters.
Let's try to make it possible for all the world to live to their highest potential - femminismo


Steve said...

Fine and worthy sentiments. Amen.

Candace said...

You definitely win the gold, Pal.
Candace x

ArtSparker said...

...If more of the adults around the world could get out of the schoolyard, it would certainly help the children.