Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time To Report What's Been Going On

NOT MUCH, that's what's been going on.
Well, actually, I must count a Friday off work as something going on. I met up with two lady friends (as a matter of fact, two of the best people I know) and we went to a great restaurant in our town, Syun Izakaya. It is an excellent place to eat, with marvelous fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Courteous servers and ambiance galore. Take a good look at those orchids (just part of them) that greet you at the door.
Eydie loves the sushi, but Sandi and I must have our food cooked. I adore the salmon with homemade teriyaki sauce and part of Sandi's thrill with the food is saying the name of the dish. It's something like "Nikooniki," or close anyway. Eydie's sushi included a little of everything from the sea and what looked like watercress in a fresh green bunch on top. Wasabi added a lovely green, of course, and there was the colorful pink of octopus, which once turned out to be the only sushi I could stand because at least it was chewy. Soft, soft fish textures sort of start my gag reflex going.
Hmm. I'm beginning to think it might be time for a new computer. This one is getting awfully slow about loading pictures. I've been waiting for the sushi far longer than Eydie had to. The red button on the hard drive tower is flashing frantically. So ...........
I've rebooted and the sushi is finally here. That also allowed me to get a fresh cup of tea and my materials together for Judy Wise's healing quilt square. I think I am going to put something special on my square - a seashell. A shell that holds a secret memory for me that is both tantalizing and pa
inful. Maybe most tantalizing memories are ... a little bit ... "that way": painful. Judy can put her fingers on this seashell, the one with the hole in the middle, and savor the mystery. Perhaps through her fingertips it will tell her a story.
We had a Superbowl party at our house on Sunday and it was a topsy turvy day of emotions for me. Not because of football, but I think it has something to do with age. Wisdom come too late. Experiences missed. Mistakes made. Opportunities not taken. Explorations not made. I spent the day with people who mattered though, and now that I think it over a lot has been going on. It's just when it happens an hour at a time, it's not much. But when you look back over four days it's a whole bunch of stuff - femminismo
p.s. It's the Mister's birthday tomorrow. I'll tell him you said "Have a Happy Day!"


femminismo said...

Enjoy the large type. I'm not going to change it now. - femm

Steve said...

I'm loving the colours in the photos - all so coordinated!

Fresca said...

I like the large type too---I made mine larger a while back too--when I switched to a black background, which I know is harder to read on.

Happy Birthday to Mister.
I feel I met him, when he said "Do you know where the newspaper is, honey?" in the desert! : )

Candace said...

Fun photos, and FUN TYPE!
Oh yeah, I understand about several days of a whole bunch of stuff, Jeanne. But the Saints won and My Other Jeanne and I took that as a very good sign...
let's hope the saints continue to win, Pal.