Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sumi Ink Skies

TONIGHT the sky looked like a sumi ink painting. I like the pale blue sky with a line of puffy clouds hanging in just enough light so they are dark inky black behind the trees and in front of the horizon.
I wish I had gotten a photo of them, but maybe you know the kind of sky I mean. Perhaps you could paint it. Perhaps I could. Maybe I will.
I feel as if I am facing more outward today and not focusing so deeply inward.
Just wanted to document that today was another day on my life calendar and a special day it was, one of deep meaningful conversation with someone I love. The conversation was heart to heart and reinforced bonds that grow stronger every day.
God bless men that can talk with their hearts - femminismo
p.s. Picasso sculptures, "Head of a Woman" 1962, "Jacqueline with a Green Ribbon" 1962, and "Head of a Woman" 1962. Photo by Gion Mili, Life magazine image, taken in 1967.