Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In Dark Alleys You Can Find Your Inner Artist

I GUESS you can find your inner artist just about anywhere, but I had almost given up hope of finding arty places around "home." Out in the dark, walking around city streets, a light rain falling on my hair-sprayed head, I was walking back to the car when I found a touch of New York City.
A very light touch.
It was First Wednesday downtown, with art, wine and words. There was even a very famous writer, Jean Auel, in town. It is the second February event she has graced us with her presence.
There was chocolate and wine everywhere you turned, with Grendel's offering chocolate pear tart and Urban Decanter swishing wine around the glasses for the just right tasting of their goods. At Valley Art there was a beautiful window display. None of the pictures I took really did the stained glass work credit, but I tried several shots.
Like I said, there were writers and poets. There was also a woman with a turtle that "drew" pictures. The turtle, a live one, "chose" a crayon, which was picked up by someone from the audience. The woman holding the turtle then held him/it up to the paper and he "drew" with his/its mouth. The helper used the crayon and drew over the turtle's line he'd/it'd drawn. Soon a "picture" appeared. I wish I had gotten their photo but I was too enthralled trying to understand what I was seeing. Even the Mister believed me. He said even I couldn't make up a story like that.
One of the nicest, most talented local artists was also on the scene - Jan Su Hirst. She offered to let us help with a silk painting (a valentine) she was doing. Tomorrow I'll show samples of some her silk scarves - femminismo


Steve said...

Sounds like a wonderfully inspiring evening!

Candace said...

This looks and sounds just fabu, Jeanne! So glad you got a touch of New York goin' on out there. And the work on the scarf looks grand!

Can't wait to see if our turtles around here can draw. Mmmm...

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Thank for stopping by today...and I am going to make Valentines with two of my grand daughters on Saturday night...we will stay up and giggle and have hot chocolate nad make our Art...not high art to some ...but they my girls have a hold on my and forever! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Fresca said...

I think it is the artist's eye that sees artsiness at home, no matter what sort of place she lives in.

Chocolate pear tarte? Yum! I want some.

Seth said...

This seems like it was quite fun and inspiring!

ArtPropelled said...

A turtle that draws pictures? What next?