Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mister!

HERE is just a little something to warm up the day a bit. The Mister is celebrating a birthday, Valentines Day is getting closer, and Little Miss Murphy will celebrate a birthday also.
I think I will be busy baking cake tonight and maybe cookies also. So I'm going to blog ahead a bit.

I found this great picture on Google's Life magazine hosting space and couldn't resist doing something arty with it with Photoshop. I hope the photographer would approve - femminismo
P.S. The photographer was John Dominis


Steve said...

Cake and cookies? Sounds like a perfect night in to me!

Candace said...

Oh Happiest of Birthdays, Mister! I have been down but I am NOT out, altho one *wonders*
...but I assure you I am truly fighting fit.

The seashell quilt square sounds fun and -- Mmmm... SUSHI! Always a joy.
Your Pal in Athens.

grrl + dog said...

Make a fuss in chocolate, I say. I have been craving cupcakes, however in 40 degree heat it's unthinkable.