Monday, July 12, 2010

From Halfway, Oregon

THE FLOWER QUEEN in Halfway, Oregon, on her way home: June 10, 2010.
Amid all the flowers, under the blue sky, without a care in the world. If only life could always be as sweet.
And I was with a good friend who has helped save my sanity on more than one occasion. I like this picture of her sitting on the little bridge over a tiny creek that probably ran swiftly this spring - with melting snow and heavier than usual rain showers.
She will not like her picture, but then I don't like mine either. I apparently am about five months pregnant!! I knew I should have made this picture smaller ... way, way smaller - femminismo
p.s. On Wednesday, I am going to begin painting the annual report I got with white house primer so I can have a journal for August. I really, truly swear to goodness I am going to do this. You'll remind me, won't you, if it doesn't show up on these pages? Thanks!


Steve said...

Ah - two roses among the wild flowers...! ;-)

Fresca said...

What a great idea to turn the annual report into a blank book!
I have some old copies of my geography books--it never occurred to me I could alter them. Now it has, thanks to you...

Lovely pix--no one is as critical of ourselves as we are (unless we're really unlucky).

Say, the blog format looks great but I had a kinda hard time reading the text, which blends into the background. It's OK, if you like it that way, but just a bit darker font color might help.

Candace said...

Oh Jeanne, Jeanne, The Flower Queen, these photos are just magnificent in both the lighting and colour. You _both_ look just wonderful -- a Tattoo!!! -- and those flowers around you -- absolutely sumptuous.
Say, have you told The Mister about that bundle of joy?
And that AR... and what a fab idea!

Take good care, Oh Royal Pal.

Candace said...
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