Monday, July 19, 2010

Wandering Through Blogland ...

TODAY I went visiting, clicking on "next blog, next blog, next blog." There were so many in a row that had to do with gardening and flowers, I felt I was on a Google search. At last I came to Sachi's blog and here is the comment I left on SachiAmbi's blog:
"I cannot describe to you the wonderful journey you have taken me on. From your home and beautiful daughter to the mustard fields of India - all with your innocent, marvelous commentary! There are tears in my eyes as I think of my own grandfather - who is buried in an old country cemetery I still visit, because now my parents are there. Your photos are lovely and I have enjoyed them very much. Thank you for sharing and I pray for peace in our world and no more fighting to endanger a land you still hold tightly in your heart."
The ashes of her grandfather were under a certain tree, much the same as my tall Texan grandfather rests at the base of a giant Pacific Northwest fir.
Such an entertaining blog she has with an intuitive ear (if there is such a thing) for dialogue that feels like a real in-the-flesh visit. I went from being in her home and viewing her small daughter's play time to traveling with Sachi to India to visit her family's humble beginnings. Visit it, too, if you can!
Another blog I visited, the author used her photo editing software and cropped slices from pictures, ending up with some surprising floral and fauna collections. Very nice in small bits. So I wanted to try it. Maybe more of it tomorrow. I have some excellent coneflowers to slice into interesting bits.
Now, I must rest so as to be on time for work tomorrow - femminismo


Steve said...

Taking a walk through all these (for me) virtual gardens is a real blast of fresh air!

Candace said...

Don't you love these rambling rose journeys we are led on? Thanks for your visit and always welcome words.
Did your niece tell you that "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" has now turned into "It's the heat AND the humidity!"?
Take care!