Friday, July 23, 2010

Rest In Peace, Daniel Schorr

THAT melodious voice stilled. How sad.
What confidence we felt when we heard his voice. Confidence we were getting the real story and not some shrill pandering to the entertainment (really? entertainment?) gods.
No crying on the air telling us about his problems, hatreds and misguided perceptions of what the world is like. No fear mongering or operating with only a teeny, tiny peanut-sized brain.
Just the facts with a measured opinion. Take it or leave it. But if you're smart, you'll think it over at least. Intelligence beyond measure, respect for the news business, respect for the intelligence of his audience. I fear we are truly lost now, wandering the dial in search of our True North.
Sleep well, sweet prince. Our "active witness to history."


Steve said...

He sounds like he was quite a guy.

joven said...

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Candace said...

He WAS quite a guy. Nobody can possibly know now in this off the wall time what real journalists like Schorr and Cronkite brought to the table.
Excellent post.