Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A 'RePost' From February 2009

TODAY I am going to repost something from 2009. On Seth's Altered Page blog he has reposted the most beautiful "handbook" he produced. It is wonderful and gives me great ideas, as always. I think he must have more time to shop for odd bits of this and that, or maybe there are just more dumpsters in New York!
Check out this link if you'd like to join me in "Remembering the Future."

p.s. I've corrected that link to Seth's Altered Page, but I hope you found something interesting in the other page, if anyone happened by last night. (Comments, comments, please!)


Candace said...

Well, first, I want to comment on those beautiful flowers. The pattern and the pink. Yummo, just what I needed to see.
Oh sure, I will indeed join you, Jeanne!

Now if I can just find my ... say, I re-read that post. I was wondering just this week if I felt like making out okay was "settling". ick... sounds like a rickety ol' house late at night, doesn't it?

Take care and have you ever seen that girl again?

femminismo said...

No, I never saw her again, although I might not recognize her even if I sat next to her at dinner. I love that "rickety ol' house late at night" comment. Oh, yeah, feel like that sometimes!@

grrl + dog said...

This is one of those storiesof every day moments

that, depending on your awareness, can either slip by or be treasured and lived to the full, which is what you have done..

jilLy said...

What a beautiful post- just so magical and serendiitous for me which a recent health scare. Each moment is so precious for us- and to know how quickly it can be taken away- is an inner gift that i think comes to just a few. Thanks so much for this soulful post, letting us share in who you are, and the importance life has to you. xo