Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Earrings, Garden and Project ... In That Order

ONE pair of earrings didn't quite work out, so the jeweler/artist (Linda Hayes) who made them offered to trade them for another pair. Her studio is at her house, where both she and her husband design jewelry - and a pleasant way of life, too.
Their studio is the coziest place in the fall, which is when I've been there before. In the summer the drive into the country is lovely, with wide open grain fields and bluish mountains in the distance. And lots and lots of blue sky this time of year. Beyond the open door of the studio I could hear a water feature bubbling and babbling.
Linda was eager to show me all the vintage baubles she has collected. Old beads, rhinestones, rosary medals and beads - she's worked them all together into lovely, balanced pieces of art. Check out her website if you get the chance. It was a little slow to load tonight, for me, but hope you will give it a try. The earrings in the picture are the ones I chose and I loved them with my favorite purple blouse. I felt!
And I am pretty proud of myself because I've been following a walking regimen. Every day at lunch I go for a walk and along the way I find the most gorgeous flowers. These hollyhocks were in their prime. Today when I passed them I didn't stare too hard. I knew they were embarrassed at the declining state of their blossoms and the insect damage on the leaves. Or rust? Isn't that what hollyhocks generally come down with? Anyway, I admired them today and then found a shady spot to read "Reading Lolita in Tehran." I know I am probably the last one to read this, but it called to me from the Goodwill shelf and even after the first five pages I adore the author. Every sentence is worth reading twice!
Speaking of Goodwill, I also bought another book called "Produce." Mostly because of some illustrations in them. At the office, when I got back from walking, I was flipping through the book when I found a folded up $20 bill! These things don't generally happen to me! I'm wondering what to do with my largess.
And here's something happy to report today: Someone I really, really like is going to be coming to work in our office! I was so happy to hear the news and so grateful that the stars were all aligned correctly. I think the management is going to reap many benefits from her work and she will add greatly to the efficient operation of our tiny little world of keystrokes, filing and paper cuts - femminismo
p.s. OOPS! Didn't show my project, did I? Or my tomatoes? Well, only one will fit the time I have. Here's some more of my painted, small manila envelopes. They will all hold books - very small books. I'm sewing on buttons with ribbon so I can keep them closed!
p.p.s. Linda's page never came up so I linked to her info for a local tour. Take a look!


Steve said...

I love the marbling effect on your envelopes!

Fresca said...

I have been receiving unexpected and bounteous gifts the past few days, akin to you finding $20 in a used book. We're in such a ripe time of the year, it's like bounty knows no bounds. A surfeit of spiritual zucchini!
(If we're lucky, anyway.)

Anonymous said...

I know who is coming back to work with you! I talked to her husband last night. I told him (exactly what you just said ) that my sister was going to be so happy to have her friend back working with her. You girls have a great time. But tell her that I will miss seeing her at Wauna!!

Love, Jen Jen

Anonymous said...

you know you are on the right track in life when things like that happen.

Your life sounds full of light and optimism at the moment.

Seth said...

Love these envelopes. Very cool effect.