Monday, July 26, 2010

What I've Been Doing

ZUKES, 'maters and beans. There's been so much sun lately the tomatoes have been reaching for the sky. They are now taller than me and need to be encouraged to devote their energy to spreading out a little and zapping those blossoms into hundreds of round, red juiciness. Now that's not really a word, is it? (Must be spelled right because the spell checker hasn't underlined it.)
I've also been organizing "the studio" and almost getting heat stroke. Water! The only cure. And no humidity to speak of makes things bearable. Also, it gets cool in Oregon at night. Why it's almost 71 degrees F. now at 11:21 p.m.
Saw "Inception" on Saturday night and then went to a Sunday matinee with a friend and saw "Maryada Ramanna" - all in Indian with no English subtitles. The colors, dancing and music made it terrrific. A young Indian man on our way out asked if we had been able to follow along. We had a few questions for him because whatever the hero had said a couple of times really made the almost entirely Indian audience howl with laughter! A fun experience. And, yes, I'm working on another painted envelope project. Another poem Rolodex, I hope - femminismo


Steve said...

It sounds like things are coming to fruition nicely!

Clowncar said...

I enjoy hearing people talk and write about their gardens. it's such a personal relationship. so frustrating and rewarding.

how did the spell checker react to "zukes" and "maters"?

Anonymous said...

We saw the movie "Inception". Really liked it!
Been checking out your blog regularly. Nice!!
Love ya Jen

Fresca said...

What funny things did the Indian hero say?

What did you think of "Inception"?
I wanted a long movie so I could sit in air conditioning, and it definitely met that criterium.