Friday, July 30, 2010

A Walk Down The Labyrinth Path

I HAVE absolutely no idea if this will work or not, but I have uploaded a video of my labyrinth walk on July 28th on Vimeo. See if this link takes you there and (warning!) don't get dizzy - femminismo

p.s. Have a great weekend!

p.p.s. EDIT on Aug. 1: The photo is by W. Eugene Smith


Clowncar said...

It did work! And I did get dizzy!

Nice pattern, there in the bricks.

You made that walk on my birthday.

Steve said...

Pouring with rain here in the UK but I now feel like I have had the sun on my back, thank you!

Fresca said...

(But sorry, I couldn't watch the handheld camera work for long...)

ArtSparker said...

That photo is wonderful, is it a family one? If so, you could probably link it up on Sepia Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I love labyrinth walks... been so long, thanks for inviting me along.