Monday, March 3, 2008

Beautiful Old Friends .... and beautiful new kitchens.

TODAY Eydie brought something special to work to share. It is this beautiful bride doll she has had for a long while. We won't say how long, but the little bride must have had a little "work" done to be so wrinkle-free.
No, seriously, she is beautiful. I love her bangs. They remind me of the hairstyles in the old photos of my mother and her sisters - rolled and turned under with such care.
The gown is so wonderfully detailed. I had a bride doll, too. She was taller - maybe 20 inches - with stiff, blond hair. My grandmother gave my sister and me each the same kind of doll with wedding gowns she had sewn. I don't know what ever happened to them. The beginning of subtle hints about the woman I should become - "with this bride doll I thee wed."

ALSO I must report that I finished my final book in the series of handmade book during February. This is a long stitch book with beads on the cords outside the back of the book. Take a look-see:
And then another photo of the inside of the book. There are pockets for slipping in all sorts of things, which will come in handy, because ...
this book is going with me to sunny Mexico toward the end of March. The Mister and I are going to Todos Santos! I am so excited because it is quite beautiful there and relaxing as all get out. It is definitely time for some relaxation and I can't wait. I only wish at the end of a vacation you could be magically transported home so you don't have the stress of traveling back. The journey there is all right, but returning is another story.
Well, as I told another friend, you must return from one adventure for another to begin. And I hear Judy Wise may be teaching in Italy in 2009. Now that would be a fantastic trip! - Ciao, femminismo
p.s. Two tiny photos of my new kitchen. One with old floor and refinished cabinets (right) and one with new cabinets and new Pergo floor (below). The Mister can do anything!!


JoAnn said...

Ooo, Jeanne. Eydie's bride doll looks so lovely. Your hand-made books are wonderful and your kitchen! Don't you just want to get in there and cook? Congratulations to the Mister for being so darned handy

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love what the Mister did in your kitchen. Well worth a million. Let me know when he can start on mine!

I want you to know also, that your blog gets better and better. I am anxious to see your books.
Love, Jen