Friday, March 7, 2008

Tip Top! Oh, so relaxing!

Tonight I met two friends - both with birthdays in the same month, March, and the same year. Roylene's present from Mona was a facial and pedicure. When I got to the Tip Top spa they were both seated like queens with their feet soaking in basins filled with perfumed blue "magic" liquid. Their cheeks were glowing from their facials and ... could it be ... from some of the sparkling wine they were imbibing.
Mona brought forth containers from a bag she had handy - large green olives, brie, crackers, aged cheddar, dates and dark, dark chocolate - and it all went down lovely followed by the sparkling wine. I, meanwhile, reclined in the massage chair and sipped wine while they finished their pedicures. Roylene's toenails were painted coral and Mona went for bright blue.
The massage chair was the real deal. It felt like there very strong hands reaching from inside the chair, finding tension-filled places in my back. I got the full tour of the Tip Top! salon and noticed the dual massage tables in the candle lit "treatment room." The scent of warm olive oil and lavender was wonderful. It seemed like an ideal place for me and the Mister to have a rendezvous.
Well, I didn't get much art done today but I did reconnect with a couple of friends. Mona is talking about having her own art salon/studio in Idaho some day not too far off. Now Roylene and I have to come up with our own "next life-stage plan." Hmm. Guess I'll dream on that for a while ... sweet dreams to everyone - femminismo

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