Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Unknown Prize in the Basket.

WELL, perhaps the last time you were here you noticed my "alert" that I am offering a prize - a piece of artwork - to my 2,000th visitor.
Perhaps some of you were interested in being the 2,000th person.
Perhaps you wondered how close you were to being No. 2,000 or, indeed, if it had already happened.
Let me give you more information: So far there have been over 1,200 people stopping by, either by accident or on purpose. There are an average of 10 visitors a day. Some people stop by twice a day! (You are special people.) Anyway, you can do the math. Depending on the traffic, you have as good a chance as anyone at being No. 2,000.
My Sitemeter "counter" tells me how many people have stumbled upon my blog and visited its pages. It also tells me your Internet provider (usually, but not always) and what town and country you are in. It does not tell me your e-mail address, your name or your mother's maiden name.
So you can see why I will have to post your information and then you'll have to check back to claim your prize. Leave a comment for me and you'll be signed in more than once.
There is only tonight, and tomorrow ... and then the next day, Saturday, the Mister and I leave for our Mexican adventure in Todos Santos. We are destined to find warmer 83-degree weather - it snowed here this evening!!! - and we have whale watching to do and margaritas to drink.
I have decided not to pack around my computer on vacation so I'll be totally away for a while, wondering what people used to do without electronics. (I may succumb to an Internet Cafe, however. Quien sabe?) Adios for tonight. - femminismo


Tammy said...

How exciting! Maybe I'll be the 2000th!!!
Have a WONDERFUL time in Mexico!

PS - I haven't forgotten, just keep forgetting to put a check in the mail for the baby gift! Maybe tomorrow!

Dawn Sellers said...

Ahhh Mexico, have a wonderful (and warm) time. Isn't this weather crazy?