Friday, March 28, 2008

The Jitters.

I'VE GOT the jitters about going on vacation. I must be truthful. I don't know what is going on. This was my idea and now I feel this monstrous anxiety inside about leaving home.
Fear of the unknown? Dread of the unfamiliar? What happened to the pull of warm breezes and the push of sand between my toes?
I know everything will be all right, but I've still got the jitters. I have gone over my packing list two or three times, and don't feel there's anything urgent missing. Still ... the jitters.
So I went to Scribbler and drew my picture - a self portrait - in a jerky, scribbling way. Then I let Scribbler fill in all the lines to try and bring me together.
If you have time, try typing Scribbler into Google. It will take you to ZEFrank's place where you, too, can draw a picture and then watch the lines fill in.
Maybe you think my picture looks more "serene" than "jittery." I'll calm down. I'll take deep breaths and think of palm trees and golden sand and sunshine. Cheers - femminismo

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