Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hallelujah! Violets are here.

I WANT YOU TO KNOW that violets are absolutely my favorite flower.
My mother isn't here to remember this and save a handful of the delightful purple flowers for me, and sometimes the Mister doesn't always remember, so I'm telling all my friends out there: Violets are my favorite. And this year they are blooming in abundance in my very own yard
There are many ways we feel "real" - it's different for everyone - and sometimes, as life goes by, we lose those people who remember us the best. When I lost my mother, I lost someone who remembered far more about me than even I could know.
WARNING: The following contains a crazy dream sequence - Last night I had one of those times when I awoke and couldn't get back to sleep. I felt my brain gear up to race through one crazy thought after another. I woke up because of a dream. I was sitting in a theater with the Mister on my left and two talkative women on his left. It was a Swedish play - Ibsen or Inge - and the women next to us kept talking almost as loud as the actors.
I turned to my left and said, "Shut up, and I'm not kidding!" I said it loudly. They were quite perturbed I was so rude. Can you believe it?
Then, to my right, farther in the back of the audience, a man started explaining to everyone around him that something one of the characters just said was a great example of the Swedish attempt to explore the ... what? I don't know; the existential predicament of humor in Swedish culture. I don't know what he was talking about. I just muttered, "For crying out loud!"
There was an intermission then and the two women adjusted their seating to get farther away from me. The Mister and I went on stage to explore the setting and found a door outside and then ... well, you know how dreams go. We were on to some other setting. (End of Dream Sequence)
Well, I don't believe I came online just to post my weird dreams and interrupted sleeping patterns. No. I guess I just want you to thank someone for remembering your favorite flower, or food or song. Thank them for taking time to remember the special person you are.
And I have good news about my friend Mike. I posted a "prayer page" in my journal for him not so long ago. I talked to him today and, after three weeks in the hospital, he is almost good enough to get set free. This is very good news today! Hope you are all healthy out there. I've had over 1,000 visitors now on this blog. Leave a comment. Thanks, femminismo

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Sharon said...

Popping in to say hi and thanks for visiting. Now I must go and check out your journal a month thing. Wow. What a project.