Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chilly today ... hot tamale.

HA HA! That is a joke my father always liked. Maybe my grandfather, too. An old one. But lately it certainly seems true here in Oregon where we've had 90 degree days followed by 51 degrees right now as I type. Brrr! Maybe this weekend it will be back up in the 70s. We'll see.
I have polygonatum commutatum to post today: Solomon's seal. (The real deal. None of that "false" stuff.) In back of the white tumbrels, which is how the shape of the flowers are described, are pink azaleas. Flowers, flowers everywhere. I love my yard!
The yellow tree peonies are blooming, too, and they are very big. It's amazing that a twig-like branch can produce such voluptuous beauties. They remind me of Dolly Parton. Maybe that's what I'll call this one from now on.
I'll leave it big and not reduce its size so you can check out the pistils of the flower - if peonies have pistils. My biology teaching son could tell me ... or even Google, I'll bet.
I am very weary tonight, but must watch the season finale of "Lost" so I can get more lost, myself, in the mystery of that show.
And then there is a newspaper to produce tomorrow, so I will be copy editing on screen and on paper to beat the band. Oy!
What else did I want to say? Oh, we are close to 2,ooo visitors. Maybe 300 more to go. Come on, you faithful readers. Check in three times a day so I can send off the prize of my Mystery Woman drawing.
Now I have one more thing to show you and I'll call it an evening. It's a page from the latest altered book, and it has something to do with a place in England called Malvern. I tore the Greek heads from a book (I am ruthless, I know) and then drew the little man a body. He is thinking of his girl back home as he reaches for the flower. Buenas noches - femminismo
(Update: Sorry to mislead. Not "Lost" season finale. I misunderstood. Thanks, T, for reminding me to fix this post. Next Thursday: Let's move the island!)

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Anonymous said...

Good to know you are still hooked on "Lost", but last night wasn't the season finale, unless I missed it!!!
I do enjoy those re-cap shows though, with the captions to explain all the stuff I missed the first time.
Thinking of you! Take Care!