Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rainstorm last night - all those poor campers!

YES, it poured last night and there was house-shaking thunder in our area of Oregon. The weather got very hot, very fast yesterday - Saturday - and the air currents got wa-a-a-y disturbed.
Early that morning most of our family had gone to the cemetery to clean up and put flowers (lots of flowers) on our parents' and grandparents' graves, since that was when we could all be together. As we walked away and looked back at all the flowers, my sister-in-law remarked you could certainly tell there were well-loved people there.
We then went back to my brother's house for a picnic lunch and some time to visit before we all had to scatter.
The picture of the azalea, with clematis climbing all over it, was taken before the rainstorm. I tried to take photos of the rain coming down through the sunshine, but it's impossible. Are there photographers who have succeeded? I'd like to meet one. Maybe my brother could do it. Check out his Web site. He does fantastic work!
On the sidebar at left there is a photo of the storm as it moved to the northeast of us. I pity any of the Memorial Day campers who got rained on this weekend. Been there, done that. No fun.

The last photo is of me this morning in my towel garb in honor of Douglas Adams. I got to meet him once at a book signing.
One of those small thrills life hands out sometimes.
I hope your Sunday is going well and you're doing something creative - like updating your blog. Send me a comment here and let me know where I can check out your blog. I'd like to "meet" you - femminismo

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