Thursday, May 8, 2008

Through the Years ... and more.

IT HAS BEEN a week for busy activity and tonight I have finally had a chance to sit and reflect. Three people have been on my mind lately. (Hmm ... funny how this works; I start to write three and then think of lots more people I've been thinking about!).
Well, OK, tonight I guess this post will be limited to just three: my brother and two girlfriends.
You can see my brother in the black and white photo at the left from ... oh, well, let's just say it's from when kids got new dresses and suits at Easter and women wore hats - anywhere. From the looks on our faces you would think we were expecting an exploding camera. I think the sun was in our eyes.
I am wearing the horrible saddle shoes that were made so well they lasted forever, no matter how rough I was on them. I thought the shoes made my legs look like tree stumps. Looks like I've got some fancy can-can skirt stuff going on there too.
My brother is wearing a fashionable jacket, tailored by Mom or Grandma, and his super speedy tennis shoes so he is always able to outrun our dad and most of his friends.
My brother is now taller than me and if I could look down at the top of his head, I would not see as much hair as he has in this photo.
I have known him all his life, and even though there were times when I thought he'd never grow up, he has - and he has become a very special person.
Recently, even though he already has enough work and responsibility in his life, he took on a little bit more. He is now a full-time foster parent to his granddaughter. I know that it has happened to many grandparents - taking on a role they never expected or wanted. You just want to have fun with your grandchildren and watch their parents carry them off to a nice cozy safe home. However, what you want isn't always what you get.
My heart is full of admiration for my little brother and my thoughts are with him throughout the day. I think I'll call tomorrow and see if he needs a baby-sitter.
The other two friends I am thinking about - one is a very close, dear woman in Michigan and the other friend (someone I was very close to growing up) is in Oregon - have been girlfriends for years and years and years. I need to write both of them letters because they've been in my thoughts so often. They have lately been like "pebbles" I am carrying in my pocket and touching from time to time - not with my fingers, but with my thoughts and heart.
Yes, it's time to write.
NOW FOR ART: Tonight I tried Dawn Sellers' technique of painting a photocopied image with acrylic, putting it face down and letting it dry overnight. Then rub it with a damp paper towel until the paper comes off and leaves the image.
The first time I tried it the image was very ghostlike. I am hoping this time there will be more of an impression. Maybe it's the toner, so I darkened the images on the copy machine. We'll see tomorrow!
I also found Judy Wise's technique of rubbing alcohol taking off layers of acrylic to be fascinating. That looks like lots of fun! Check her blog to see what I'm talking about.
NOTE: Neither of these women invented these techniques and they would be the first to say so, but they're the ones who "told" me about it via their blogs, so ... . Have fun until we "talk" again - femminismo.

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That is a great picture of you two...