Monday, May 5, 2008

Wow! What a Weekend!

IT WAS such a great weekend! Full and busy, but really fun.
Saturday, May 3, I volunteered to help inventory and judge a children's art show. There was artwork to be numbered, and then each child's name and the number of their piece of art had to be listed on the inventory sheet. Along the way I was having to stop and take pictures. These kids just jumped in feet first and made some incredible paintings, watercolors and pottery. The whole room was redolent of tempera.
Don't you love this sun rising, with its reflection in the water?
I do! This was in a second grade three-way tie
for my vote. (I could only vote once for each grade. Sad but true.)
This lovely watercolor of a flower caught me with its composition and technique. I just know they didn't think "Oh, I can't draw."
I also like this other one (right) that was thick with paint and verrrry avant-garde.
I saw the movie "Iron Man" Saturday night with my daughter and we had a good time together.
On Sunday the Mister and I were up and running to get our home chores done - cleaning bathrooms, weeding and such - so we could go up on our woodland property to do some work. He was going to work on the bridge and I was going to destroy nettles so they couldn't obscure the path to the creek. The roots of the nettles grow sideways underground, so it would take strong measures to eradicate them. Spraying is out of the questions since there are so many beautiful plants around them and the nettles grow too near the water. So I just put on my gloves, wore a long-sleeved shirt and long pants and carefully pulled them up. I had quite a pile of them. Took pictures, of course. (Not of the nettles.)

Then we scurried back home for a 3 p.m. get-together.
The day ended with a family party celebrating two April birthdays. It was even nice enough to sit on blankets outdoors and eat our dinner.
I am hoping you had a good weekend, too. More later - femminismo

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Candace said...

Goodness gracious, you're bodacious! LOVE the art you posted. And that darling little white flower... sigh.