Thursday, May 15, 2008

More in Art Journals.

I HAVE a new book to alter for my next journal. It's a book about England and the first pages talk about King Arthur's return. Here is a picture at the beginning of the altering -
The page on the left, where there are lines drawn in a sort of circle next to the flower, is an image glued face down onto acrylic paint.
I let it dry and we have Arthur coming and he's bringing a friend. (I love the autumn crocus by the way. I found it in another book today.)
It looks like Arthur is bringing a friend with him and he doesn't look too happy. Actually, reading the text again, perhaps these men are delivering Arthur to Merlin!
I can't wait to see what this book will bring. There are a lot of photos of very picturesque places in the English countryside.
Having fun. Hope you are too - femminismo


Bronwyn said...

Looks great so far, hope you have lots of fun with it:)

Candace said...

Hi there, this is looking good what you're showing of it! Love Arthurian anything. Just *love* it.
My book list includes reading the Pulitzer winners for fiction since they began. Fun!