Friday, May 30, 2008

Slide Show of Book Pages - I hope.

YES, I hope a slide show will appear of the pages from the Twelve Books - that feels now like the Twelve Tribes. Each one different, each one with a little more or a little less inspiration involved.
I'm on to another book this month, but will not try to do one page every day, one book every month. Instead, I'll have fun with the pages and try and write a little something every day.
These books and this blog are TAKING OVER MY LIFE!
Sorry. Didn't mean to shout, but you know what I mean, I'll bet. On some level, in some way, we all get our lives taken over by something. And some of it is better than others. Paint or drugs? Glue or alcohol? Collage or gambling? "Pick yer pizzen." - femminismo
It showed up. Check out the upper left hand corner.


Nikki said...

Thanks so much for posting the slide show. I loved looking through it. It is inspiring me to try and start my own. I will never be able to do one a month...but maybe I should just start...and eventually...I'll have one finished. :) Great job. You are incredibly creative.

Anonymous said...

The slide show looks great. What a wonderful idea. I love the times when art becomes so overwealming that you are creating in your dreams.
Warm wishes,