Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can You Stand Some More Pictures?

I TELL YOU, since I learned how to post photos along with the words on this blog, an entry without photographs seems pretty blah. So I hope you like pictures.

Our camping trip was fun. Exhausting, but fun. The weather was perfect, and in Oregon you can't ask for much more than that. The Mister and I slept under the stars without a tent. I was disappointed when I awoke in the middle of the night to find it had clouded over. I couldn't do much stargazing.

A son, daughter, stepdaughter, a daughter-in-law, two significant others and four granddaughters - I'm not counting puppies - were all there for a short overnight campout. It was a lot of fun to show them what we had discovered on the property.

cut up some branches for the fire. One of the first things we did was bring up rocks from the creek for the campfire. This really odd rock (above) - a petroglyph, I guess - showed up. Pretty neat, huh?

is shown here with Monique, the mama, and Uno, the baby, who was born with only one eye. He found good owners with this crew.

discovered something extremely tiny in the creek when we put on boots and walked along the water. "A lizard!" she shrieked. "The tiniest lizard I ever saw!" She was brave to pick it up and then shared it with her cousins, Cassie and Zoe, who admired it and passed it around. It was a tiny, baby salamander.
Walking in the creek was fun although we stirred up the mud a little. It's not usually this brown looking.

Ruth went out on the balance beam - the giant fallen Doug fir log. Pretty brave, huh? She has always been my adventurous child.

was something else, with everyone pitching in food and talents. Peter was turning out pancakes as fast as we could eat them and the Mister had a flat piece of metal for a cooktop. Yum yum!
Bacon and eggs seem absolutely harmless over the campfire.

As you can tell by the look on Zoe's face, as she walks along the creek, it doesn't get much more fun than this!
There was so much to discover.

everyone left on Sunday the Mister and I did some work on the property. Trimming, raking, pulling out ivy and berry vines.

And then it was time for a reward. You guessed it: food!
Ooey gooey s'mores: chocolate graham crackers, Hershey chocolate bar and marshmallows - femminismo

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Candace said...

Jeanne, this is delightful! What fun you all obviously had. I am like you in that I am getting carried away by photo posting (now that I have learned how to do it without a real discombobulation). Those little dogs, how sweet. One eye being gone or a different colour at birth was once thought to mean the animal was a "spirit animal", one half here and the other with the Great Spirit. Already, a guardian angel!

Big Hug,