Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Comings and Goings ... In Our Busy Lives.

THIS may seem like an odd photo to post, but it's important. As I stood looking at this doorway today ... for about five or 10 minutes ... I saw maybe 250 people pass through. Some carried bags, some carried crying children, some pushed carts full of groceries - for it's the exit door of a supermarket.
A remarkable thing happened, however. A shift in perception, I guess. I began thinking about all of the people coming out of the store and I thought of how an insignificant door in an insignificant building can sometimes hold the most precious thing in the world - to you, to me, to any of us.
You are waiting to see that one face in all the sea of faces that makes your heart sing and your soul feel glad. That one face that can make you feel not so alone in this world.
And when I looked at the people I didn't know - the large woman who walked slowly and painfully on swollen feet, the very round man who shouldn't be wearing shorts, the tall gangly teenager with huge shorts and a humongous T-shirt, the thin woman who sort of talked to herself and scolded the drivers who didn't stop soon enough when she crossed the walkway - I realized that if I knew that person well enough I might be happy to see them, too.
If I knew their favorite color, their favorite song, their favorite book - we might have something in common.
Seeing all of those people coming out of that door gave me only the smallest sample of the people in my neighborhood; in my tiny, itsy bitsy section of this gigantic world. I wish I could know more of them. But in the busy lives we seem to lead, with so little time now and then even for each other, the Mister and I have our hands full spreading ourselves around.
In our comings and goings, I pray we stay safe, so at the end of the day we can sit across from each other and share a meal - we are so lucky to have food.
I pray we stay safe so we can lie next to each other at night and tell each other "I love you." We are so lucky we have a roof over our heads.
I pray we stay safe for a long, long time so I am able to see that most wonderful of faces greeting me at the door.
Which significant person comes through insignificant doors to greet you? Remember to tell them "I love you" - because we are so lucky to have each other - femminismo

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