Saturday, June 14, 2008

Permission to Play.

BARB from Michigan (thank you, friend) gave me permission to play today. I haven't finished my playing, but here are the first, second and third steps I've taken in my latest project - painting on the glass in an old window.
Never, ever done this before so I found a number of things happening I hadn't planned on.
1. I didn't think the paint (acrylics) would dry so quickly. Wrong.
2. What I thought would be the front and back got reversed as the paint dried. Or did it? Maybe I will have a second chance on the other side of the glass when I've finished. Maybe I can have two - click - two ladies in one.
3. Here is the lady as she is resting now in the sunroom, waiting for me to find time tomorrow to paint some more.
Who knows how her looks will change? Today was another one of my days for going around in circles denying myself the opportunity to play. Thanks again, Barb - femminismo
p.s. What color eyes will this lady have????

1 comment:

Candace said...

jeanne, I totally am enjoying the process you are showing here of your lady. Fascinating and such a delight. This shows me a lot and like with Judy, Katie, Nina B., and so many others, inspires me.

This lady, albeit unfinished, is so very beautiful.