Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Remembering 40 Years Ago.

TODAY is a baby's birthday: Baby Joey.
I know what you're thinking. Every day is some baby's birthday!
This baby is 40 years old, however, and he's mine!
So some of you are thinking, "Oh, my goodness! She's old!" Others are thinking, "Hey, pretty good she can figure out how to post to a blog." (Good for you!) For the record, I do think technology is a great brain "de-rustifier." I just made that word up. Feel free to use it.
There's nothing like the 40th birthday of an offspring to get a Mom feeling all misty and frightened at the same time. I remember the enlargement, the waddling, the waiting, the way he took his time coming into the world ... and took his time ... and took his time. Andthenherushedsofastwealmostdidn'tgettothehopsitalintimeandIwas
... oh my gosh! He's here!
And now the time - again with the word "time" - has magically evaporated and the once tiny baby is gone and I'm left with this great big person way taller than me. Cell division is an amazing thing, in case you've never noticed. He's grown up to be the sort of person any parent would be proud of, and I don't know how much credit I get for that. He's been blessed to know many wonderful people in his life who've coached him, mentored him and cheered him on. Happy birthday, Joe.
ON ANOTHER NOTE: The Woman of Mystery painting has been won by visitor 2,001. Nikki and Ned *win. I hope they will find she brings them nothing but peace and quiet and does all the worrying and wondering for them so they won't have to. (Or anyway, just a modest amount.)
*And by "win," I mean they get it even if they regift it. I'll put it in a frame too.
I WANT to give you one more photo to look at from the property - it's a wonderful tree that has a unique pattern on the bark. Maybe put there by some climbing plant, like English ivy. I don't know what did it, but it certainly is different.
The mysteries of life are many and precious. I guess that's my thought for the day. We never know when those mysteries are going to please us or make us cry. We just stand in line and take our chances.
Here's to many more days of standing in line and being pleasantly surprised - femminismo

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