Saturday, June 28, 2008

Imaginary People and Pets.

I NEVER had an imaginary friend while growing up, but I do have an imaginary pet now. The Mister has something against my canine pal, so he's never allowed in the house. He stays in my car.
Coco has been to Paris, Italy, Las Vegas and once to Mexico, where he suffered a misadventure and was almost lost forever.
The other day, my friend, E., suggested I bring Coco to work. It was awfully warm in the car that day anyhow, and even though he's imaginary, I didn't want him to suffer in the heat.
He sat in one of the in/out baskets (I'm never sure which it is) and kept watch for those who would sneak up behind me with unexpected work assignments. (Note: This hardly ever happens.) My friends - or at least the "fun" friends - agreed Coco is the best dog ever.
This morning I worked some more on my Funky Window Woman - speaking of imaginary people. She is taking shape and I am regularly gaining and losing ground with liking her and wanting to throw her away. However, in the interest of encouraging those with as little talent as I have in shading facial features, I will post her. (A friend, S., e-mailed me a link to a new book on mixed media by Cloth, Paper Scissors editor Cate Coulacos Prato, and one of the pages is totally perfect in showing how to shade eyes and noses. The book is not released yet.) My latest art journal is in the foreground.
I am making the Funky Woman to hang on the fence in my garden, so I am thinking as soon as she is totally, really dry, I will coat the glass with some sort of finish - shellac, maybe. Any suggestions on this or dire warnings?
It is now 71 degrees F and not yet 9 a.m. I'd better get busy with my real life work ... Wait! What am I talking about? This blog is my real life work. Never mind, the laundry can wait - femminismo


Jenthesillysister said...

I love the funky woman!!! Especially her eyes!! I guess her nose could use some work.

It's hot!!!! Hopefully you have a nice breeze in Hillsboro.

Love you! Jen

Candace said...

You might want to double coat the shellac, Jeanne.
Just saying...