Monday, June 16, 2008

So Much Going On ... Living Life.

YES, there has been a lot going on. Good and bad. One of my favorite teachers died. I attended her funeral this past Friday, June 13. It was like going home again, there were so many familiar faces from my childhood and teen years. My teacher, Mrs. Nyberg, would have been 99 years old this month. She knew it was time however, and so ... she let go of this world.
At the life celebration for her it was obvious, looking around the room, that she drew only the best people to her. We will all miss her. She was full of fun and lived LIFE - not the pale imitation, but the real thing. So, in her honor, let's LIVE it!
WELL, for starters, our family is going camping on the property this weekend and so it was only "natural" that we would need ... well, you know. A proper outhouse. (There's the "starter," above.) There are going to be small children along and we wanted to make this wilderness adventure a little more civilized.
The Mister said I could get a construction job now since I got so much on-the-job training holding the plumb up to make sure his building was ship-shape. Verrrry funnnny.
I decided to try out the balance beam on a tree that stretches from the road across the creek. The Mister estimated it is maybe an 80-100 foot long fir tree that blew down years ago but has been suspended in the air so it has stayed solid and hasn't rotted. I may have mentioned before my lack of balance - Meniere's syndrome (spelling?). But I made it across to the creek, pulling nettles that lurked along the log waiting to sting the next log walker. It's a really cool log.
The other end is shown too, with the mister pulling off some of the smaller branches. The ones sticking out sort of help those of us with balance problems along the way. We need to figure out if the "path" goes any further, or if this is the end. The ground is damp here because there is the creek and a spring, too, so the ground is real wet.
Last picture tonight and then it's off to other chores.
Jen: I painted my new lady's eyes green. Not sure if she looks hypnotic or just a little insane. I think maybe I have her nose the way I want it. I was studying Judy Wise's and Katie Kendricks' artwork to see how they "did" noses. So I guess this is the way I "do" them. Painting on glass is turning out to be lots of fun. I am learning as I go along, and as usual I want to do it perfectly right away. Argh! Grow up, self!
There's still shading to do, but I'm getting closer. I love throwing on the paint - femminismo
p.s. Just one more photo. I found a new flower on the property: inside-out flower. Here's a picture I stole from the Web site Rainy Side Gardeners.


Candace said...

That last lovely photo of the inside-out flower was just too good! And the picture of Mister at the far end of the big log, WOW. Those gorgeous colours you manage to tease out of your photos are simply incredible.

So sorry to hear about your teacher. 99 -- now THAT is a life well and long lived. Your advice, we should all live, is good but so often forgotten by everyone...

Big Hug,

Judy Wise said...

What beautiful photographs! Glad to see your art explorations too; great job! xo

Mel M. M. M. said...

Amazing painting! and a gorgeous flower picture. :0)