Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The 2,000 Visitor Arrived from England!

THIS IS the information I have on my 2,000th visitor from Sitemeter. If this description fits you - if you live in England, visited melstampz.blogspot.com and then clicked on my link to visit on June 17, you WIN the "Mystery Woman."
The visitor will have to come back and check in to recognize herself/himself and let me know by leaving a comment and where you can be reached by parcel post so I can mail the artwork to you. (You are on your honor, but there will be clues to the right person!)
I'll keep waiting until Friday at midnight and then will choose the next person who visited after them. (This is a rotten way to have to do this, but it's the only way I know since I don't want to be harvesting e-mail addresses when you visit.) Let me know soon. Bye now - femminismo
Additional info on 2,000th visitor:
Domain Name: sky.com
IP address: 90.203.37 Easynet
Lives in East Sussex, Brighton, England
Microsoft Windows XP
Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0
Time of visit, in US, I guess: Jun 17 2008 9:45:56 am
Referring URL:


Candace said...

HooHoo. Congrats to the Brit! Lucky lucky... ah, that Mystery Woman!

Talk to you soon.

femminismo said...

Next time - if I give something away - I will ask everyone who wants a chance to leave a comment. And then I will choose a random person, or if they use a certain random word - maybe that's it! Like "say the secret word." This just hasn't worked out the way I planned. Hmmm. Just like life, isn't it? - Jeanne/femminismo

Mel M. M. M. said...

What a fun way to give something away. Congrats to the lucky mystery winner! :0) Hope it works out for you.

Drew said...

suggestions for secret word: