Sunday, June 29, 2008

Take the Weather up to 80 F - add humidity.

YUCK! It is muggy out and we are having our second thunderstorm this summer. Big fat drops fell on the skylight in the kitchen and gave us some hope of a cooldown, but that stopped almost as soon as it had started. (Yesterday was much hotter ... above 90. Today was only about 84.)
It was cooler after the slight rain though and I went out in the garden and found these lilies blooms had formed ... and soon will open.
Check out the sky in the bar on the left-hand side of my blog. It's small, but will give you an idea of our gray rumbling skies.
Yesterday we went to a family get together and the people who hosted also had a horse stable - a large one. The two granddaughters fed alfalfa goodies to the animals. There were miniature horses, too.
Zoe tried to make her hand as flat as possible so Carrot would eat the snack and not her fingers. But each time the horse nibbled and caused the goodie to fall, and Zoe shrieked. Eventually, Uncle Joe fed the horse.
Cassie petted the miniature horses and fed one of them a snack. All of the animals were very well behaved and we found a great barn cat living the life of royalty.
Grandchildren are surely the best invention ever. I know there are those of you out there who know what I'm talking about.
We worked in the yard today and got the potting table moved farther to the back so we don't have to look at the mess of potting soil and containers. I have wanted to do that for forever!
Then we went to a family birthday party and enjoyed cake and ice cream. Grandchildren were there, again, so the day was perfect.
As we drove home, we caught a red light right at the barn on Jackson Road. I have always wanted to take a photo of this barn, but I was in a cake and ice cream-induced coma. As I came to realize we were sitting right beside it, I barely had time to get the camera out and turn it on - and the window unrolled - before the light turned green.
A car was in back of us and the Mister had to get going. Here, though, is the photo of the barn. I haven't balanced the lighting in Photoshop, so perhaps it could be better. I just know the barn and farm will be gone someday - replaced by condominiums and concrete - but now I have a photo.
Today I thought about my unfinished projects and wondered when I will ever find time to do them. At the birthday party today three of us talked about jobs we had when we were younger. I get as sick of hearing it as I get sick of saying it, but where did the time go? If you could tell a young person one thing - or two things - on how to make their life experience richer (experience-wise) and better (living-wise) what would you tell them?
Mine's an old admonition: Get an education. The other is, keep a diary of every single day of your life. Write down at least one thing.
This blog is part of my determination to start on that second suggestion. Although you will not hear from me every day, I will be wishing I were here - femminismo

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ABG said...

Interesting question: what would you tell a young person to make life experience richer and better:
two things I was told by others:
from my father: money equals independence. I would develop this because when he told me, he didn't follow it up (probably dismissed him and he shrank back). Money, especially earning and saved money equals independence of the best kind: responsible knowing of the value of your decisions, financial and otherwise. Money management has been my hardest teacher.

The other thing from a loved old friend who died too young: love, she said. Love something: a person, a cause, an action. Put out, I would add. Do not love passively. Love is a verb.

thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm thinking of the things you said. Of course there was sex! it just wasn't very good.