Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue Skies Leave and Snow Begins

THE WEATHER is entirely too changeable and caught everyone in Oregon (even the weathermen) off guard. On Tuesday, one minute I was walking over frozen ground with my eyes downward looking for my missing earring. The next I was looking up to see if what I thought I saw was really snow coming down!
Little tiny white flakes gradually turned bigger and bigger -- soft, floaty and steady. I was at work as I watched my white car become covered with a thicker and thicker layer of white stuff.
The boss said "Run for it if you want." And laugh if you must, but in our part of Oregon the snow doesn't usually amount to much, so we are never prepared. But in less than an hour and a half we had 4 inches. It was a long slow drive home for many people and some never got there by car but had to abandon their vehicles and walk.
The Mister did a couple of 180's on the way home in our rear-wheel drive Mazda - one on the freeway! I was luckier to be driving the front-wheel drive Toyota. We were ever so glad to see one another home safe and sound.
Today he drove me to work in his four-wheel drive truck since our side streets were really slick with slush. It was still slippery going until we got to the main streets. When he picked me up at work tonight we were almost home when a man driving a meat truck with a bad alternator flagged him down to give him a jump with cables. While the Mister played the good Samaritan I got this picture of our second blue moon. Such a fluke it showed up at all.
One more day of 2009 and then we are on to another year of good and bad, laughing and crying, testing our faith and asking more of our hearts, minds and spirits, I'm sure. There never seems to be a lack of testing our fortitude, but I am sure we are up to it - femminismo
p.s. One more day to make a charitable donation to help on April 15. If you can't give money, give of your time -- please and thank-you!


Judy said...

Glad you are both home, safe and warm tonight. We have had a lazy day, but did go into town to see Blind Side, and brought take-out Chinese home...delicious! My fortune cookie told me: "You have remarkable power which you are not using." I look at this as a New Year's challenge, just have to figure out how I'll apply that power in a new endeavor. Wish me luck!

ArtSparker said...

The moon photo is extraordinary. Hope you have a cosy weekend planned.

Candace said...

Gosh, I am happy to see you and Mister are safe and sound from battling Slick and Slush -- Sneaky Twin Monsters of the Here and Now Ice Age.

We have 19F here and dry -- wowzer. Pretty feckin' intense for Athenians.
Wasn't that moon INCREDIBLE? Great shot, too! Like something out of a really great movie.
Take care, Dearest Pal.