Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December the Fifteenth ... already.

THE MAGIC of Christmas was creeping, creeping, creeeeeeping ever so slowly when I was a child. Years it seemed to take before the first of December finally gave way to the 21st, and then the 22nd, 23rd, and then after about another week, the 24th - Christmas Eve.
The magic of Christmas when you are an adult is that the time races, races, races! I think there is plenty of time for making treats, mailing cards, shopping for gifts. The reality is ever so different.
The Needs: I need to make fudge. I really need to! Don't need to eat it, but definitely need to make it. (Puts me in the mood for the holidays.)
I need to buy hazelnuts (known as filberts, here in Oregon) for a chocolate hazelnut torte for Christmas Eve dinner. And a special butterflied beef roast to stuff with elegant figs cooked in port. (And I need some port!)
I predict we will all need more figs as time passes for salads, jam and sandwiches. (Figs are in.)
What else do I need to do before the holidays? Finish knitting a scarf. Buy my sister a present. Buy my son a present. The Mister? What does he need? Or want?
I need to help others and expand my opportunities to give where I might and do what I can.
I need to get my artistic mojo going again and play with paper and paint and glue and other glittery stuff. I need to have more fun! Maybe I will paint the "studio" and see where that leads me. I really hope you are having a terrific December and the weather is passable - femminismo
p.s. Above is the pup at the top of our tree; an absolute angel!

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Candace said...

How I loved reading this and yes, I need more figs. Thanks for that reminder. What ARE our needs really as we get older? Wants? Musts?
I think you have a firm grasp on it, helping others, having more fun, reawakening the mojo and having that PUP at the top of that tree! Brilliant!
Take care, from Your Pal